Performance Rough Cut

I am really pleased with this performance rough cut as I am really happy with the variety of angles we took and close ups, I am also happy with the performers and how they acted professional and took directions well from Millie and I. Throughout this location shoot Millie and I tried to vary our work by changing the instruments the other way round to create variation in out video. Although I am pleased with how well the shoot went, looking back at our footage I wish we took more clips which would help us when it comes to making the final music video, because of this Millie an I have decided to organize another performance shoot for more diversity in our video.

Targets For Improvement:

  • make sure no one is talking in the background
  • the camera is the right angle
  • there is no clutter in the background for mes en scene
  • make sure the lip sinking is correct
  • make sure all character fits in the frame or zoom in more
  • change angles more
  • check lighting
  • be as still as possible when using the shoulder mount


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