Audience Ideologies

As you can see, I have used the YouGov website to find out for about my target audience. This information tells me that my audience are female and around the age of 25-39 and typically live in London. Furthermore, it tells me there interests for example, what music and films they watch, this will help me with my music video asĀ  can research other similar artists and watch their music videos which I can take inspiration from.

I have also created a Tinder account with all the information my target audience to help me with my research which helps when it comes to editing my music video, all the information I have included and need to to produce a good music video that my target audience would enjoy. It is really important for me to get to know my target audience and find out as much as I can about them as I need to know what things they like and gives me an idea of what music style and music videos they enjoy which I can take inspiration from for my music video.

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