Feedback on draft 2 with new and improved narrative

For this draft, I asked a few friends and teachers to give me feed back of Millie and I’s music video, even though it is not a full draft it will and has helped us when we come to carrying on editing it for our final draft. Millie and I will take all the improvements onboard and try to improve our video to the best we can with taking the points that went well onboard too so we can learn from them and produce a high end music video.

Things that looks good:

  • variety of different shots
  • well lit shots throughout the video
  • well organised mes en scene
  • nice locations that fit well with our music genre (R&B)

Things that we can improve on:

  • add more close up reaction shots
  • add more narrative shots
  • some shots aren’t lip synced
  • experiment with editing
  • add more extra shots (like close ups of dumb kit and keyboards)
  • add more shots of the two boys (band members)

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