New And Improved Draft 3


Here in the draft shown, I have edited more of the narrative shots we took from our narrative location shoot at the Guet and Cobo beach. I took on board the feedback I got from my peers and teachers and used it to improve my fifth draft, I personally think this has reenforced our music video, giving it more structure and making it better as it has more variety and a larger range of shots which makes it more interesting and enticing for my target audience.

What has changed:

  • added more narrative.
  • changed the order which dragged the video out more, I think making it better.
  • finished adding performance shots.
  • took shots out my teachers, peers and I thought didn’t work so well, for example the close us dancing shot.
  • experimented with a little editing with the shot of Noah crying.
  • fixed the shots that needed lip syncing corrected as they won’t 100% on time.
  • cut some shots shorter and added more to help make the video more upbeat.
  • cut the instrumental shots to the beat making the video more faster.
  •   Added a better variety of shots and more close ups to make our video more interesting.


  • add more close ups.
  • more reaction shots.
  • cut shot shorter to match the beat of the music.
  • more editing skills need to be added.
  • add some transition to make it more interesting.
  • use more shots of them happy and slowly develop into the fight.
  • increase the speed of the shots.


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