Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft four of our music video to “You Know You Like It” by Alunageorge. From receiving our feedback on our draft three from our peers we have used their input and used it to help improve our draft 4 further. Millie and I added a few more clips and made some shots shorter to help the video more upbeat, we also took out the blackouts as it didn’t work as well as we thought as we expected it to try make it more upbeat and a faster pace. A lot of our feedback from our peers said we needed to editing to the beat, although we edited our shots to the lyrics rather than the beat as we wanted to represent the music through our main actor/singer.

Here is the feedback we received from our peers on our draft 4 of our music video:

Areas to improve on:

  • more effects – eg colour correction and slow motion in a few shots to improve the variety which will make it more exciting.
  • include more shots of the band members, like close ups or shots of them alone in a long/medium shot as Grace’s shots are too long.
  • add a short montage at the beginning of the band members to show the audience the relationship between the main actor and the boys straight away.
  • add different shot 1:05 till 1:07 as they don’t look as happy.
  • close up/ zoom in of phone when Grace is texting band member.
  • more reaction shots.

What went well:

  • the MES and makeup works really well together and is a really good contrast with the outfits they are wearing.
  • the colours of the outfits match her emotions.
  • nice angles, such as close ups of Grace and hand holding walking into the distance.



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