Digipak – Previous Students Work

This digipak is from a previous students work includes the use of camera angels and photoshop to take and manipulate engaging images. The front cover of this digipak (top left) uses a close up camera angle of the stars face to connotes a casual look for the artist as the background is plain white which helps draw the audiences eye to the star. This close up angle also suggests to the audience she is stylish and cool as the Mise En Scene, make up is fashionable which would target their selected audience, (girls in particular). Continuing on, photoshopped is used in this image to airbrush certain areas to make the star seem more perfect. A filter has been used on the red hair to help  make it more flamboyant and vibrant, this eye catching colour grabs the audiences eyes straight away at first glance. Following on, the front cover of this digipak it includes two types of font, the artists name and the name of the album, the word, ‘Ignite’ suggest to the audience her new album is on fire and its the hottest thing in the charts, this also relates back to the colour red as it suggests fire and heat. The font they have used for, ‘Ariana Grande’ is simple but still effective as it is easy to ready and understand. Unlike the typeface they chose for their title where its is more broken up, although, it fits with the theme of pop music and goes well with the white background.

Furthermore, the back cover of this digipak, includes photoshop on the stars face to brightened her completion to make her seem more flourless to the audience. The camera angle used is more formal and less casual which suggests to her audience she is serious about her music and her career. Continuing on, Mise En Scene is used in this back cover as her electric red hair matches with the colour theme of the digipak, this is ecstatically pleasing to audiences eyes. Also, the artists is wearing a bright purple scrunchy on her wrist, this stands out from the rest of the image but looks as if the star forgot to take it off. The use of typeface is the same as the front cover stars name, this is because it would be too confusing for the audience to have lots of different fonts as the overall product wouldn’t stand out.

Moving on, the inside of the digipak includes two shapes which go with the colour scheme of the stars vibrant red hair and warm purple scrunchy. The orangey red strands on the left side represent the stars hair which works well with the pop music theme. The purple circle represents the scrunchy and work well with the title font text as it is slightly broken like the album covers name, this makes the overall digipak look well as the Mise En Scene is used as both the inside drawings to connect all the digipak together.

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