Digipak Photo Mock- Up

Here, Millie and I have created some moodboards to find inspiration for our digipak. We have used the colour palette we want to use in our album cover. We also have taken images of different texts in a magazines for a variety of typeface which will work together. These overall digipaks we have created have helped us to widen our eyes and look at different things that we wouldn’t have thought of, for example other materials rather than paper/card.

This was our favourite design we have created when trying different ideas out for our digpak. We liked this one the most as we thought it was conventional to the R&B genre as most Rhythm and Blues digipaks include circles and a star image in the centre, they usually are dark reds or browns. Although, we also need to think about what is conventional to pop genre albums as our genre is both R&B and pop.

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