Digipack Draft 1

This is our first draft of our digipak, Millie and I chose yellow and pink instead of dark reds as we thought it goes better with the pop/R&B genre. We chose this image of grace and added a drop shadow to make her seem more realistic against the background. We also experimented  with our background using filters, like this one which I personally don’t think fits well with our theme of R&B/pop music but we thought we would try it anyways. On the inside left  we used the images from the airport shoot to create a photobooth effect by placing the images next to each other, this made the digipak more casual and less formal. On the inside right hand side we used the sunglasses she is wearing in the front cover and used one image we took whilst in a shoot with grace, we also used orange and pink feathers which go well with our colour scheme. On the back we wanted to keep the same theme as the front so we used the gradient in photoshop to create a fade effect between the two colours pink and yellow.



  • Change background to something more conventional
  • Make our model more tanned
  • Add vibrance
  • Add more exciting font
  •  Add a colour scheme/ colour filter for the left side so it fits with the rest of the album
  • Make our model bigger on the back page
  • Add colour to the back page
  • Add spin
  • Add copy write
  • Add bar code
  • Move or flip the model so she can be looking at the tracks
  • Make the model more vibrant
  • Add more pink and orange in the overall abum


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