Digipak Draft 2

please click the image to see the rest of the digipak


Here is our final digipak product, we kept the same colour scheme and used the same image from our draft one. Millie and I used a filter on the background to help make the circles more prominent and also added a slight grain filter to the front and the back cover which relates back to the R&B genre as when we did our research a lot of album covers included a grain filter on the star and a circle somewhere on the front. We used the name Kalika as we thought it was short, rememberable, edgy and cool like Beyonce the font we used for her name stands out against the two toned colours underneath and also works well with the ‘Shade’ typeface as it is in black and white which attracts our audiences eye.

Furthermore, on the inside left Millie and i decided not to use the images we took in the photoshoot so we found an image with mostly the pink and orange feathers and removed the background and liquified it on photoshop creating a cool liquid effect using one of our images. I placed it in InDesign and layered a few on top of each other and rotated them to make them more interesting. We used the same image for our inside right side although we found it a bit boring so we added more vibrance to it and turned up the brightness and exposure which helped it to pop more inside.

The back cover of our digipak includes a gradual fade from pink to yellow and a grain filter which goes with the front, we did this so it goes well with the front and doesn’t feel like two separate music albums. The text is the same text we used for “Shade” as we think it is clear and easy for our audience to read which helps her songs to stand out.

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