Web Page Draft One

please click on the image to visit the site

This is our website Millie and I have designed, we chose the same colour scheme as our digipak and used the image on the front cover for our merchandise. We chose a similar font type to our digipak to bring them both together and help the overall website look ecstatically pleasing to the eyes. The feedback we received was all positive everyone liked the colours and images we used throughout our website and also liked the layout as they said it was easy to use and navigate and still looks effective.


  • use some quotes
  • use the other panes from the DP as backgrounds and include somewhere else
  • video needs to be higher up the pages
  • not sure about white font on yellow
  • captions with some of the gallery photos
  • couple of made up news stories
  • couple of other album covers that link to music
  • Biography higher up to include your mission statement
  • What about social media links to actual Aluna George pages

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