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Web Page Draft One

please click on the image to visit the site

This is our website Millie and I have designed, we chose the same colour scheme as our digipak and used the image on the front cover for our merchandise. We chose a similar font type to our digipak to bring them both together and help the overall website look ecstatically pleasing to the eyes. The feedback we received was all positive everyone liked the colours and images we used throughout our website and also liked the layout as they said it was easy to use and navigate and still looks effective.


  • use some quotes
  • use the other panes from the DP as backgrounds and include somewhere else
  • video needs to be higher up the pages
  • not sure about white font on yellow
  • captions with some of the gallery photos
  • couple of made up news stories
  • couple of other album covers that link to music
  • Biography higher up to include your mission statement
  • What about social media links to actual Aluna George pages

Flow Chart and Preferred Website template

Above, I created a flow chart to help Millie and I create out website. I used other websites to find out what short of things they include which helped me put this flow chart together to with the things we wanted to add into our website when we came to make it. The main things we need to include are Music, Videos, Merch, Tour info and Gallery, all these things helped us to think more about what we wanted to use to help our website look realistic.

Here, Millie and I decided to use this template off the website which helped us to start making our own website for our star. We made our website using the layout of this one changing, rearranging and adding stuff to it to make it better and more our and our stars style.

Web Page Conventions

Here, Millie and I have done a screencastify on this professional website. We analysed her website design, this has helped us to become more familiar with different website designs and especially because she is an R&B artist this will help us and give us different ideas of what to include in out website.

Draft 2

Here is our final digipak product, we kept the same colour scheme and used the same image from our draft one. Millie and I used a filter on the background to help make the circles more prominent and also added a slight grain filter to the front and the back cover which relates back to the R&B genre as when we did our research a lot of album covers included a grain filter on the star and a circle somewhere on the front. We used the name Kalika as we thought it was short, rememberable, edgy and cool like Beyonce the font we used for her name stands out against the two toned colours underneath and also works well with the ‘Shade’ typeface as it is in black and white which attracts our audiences eye.

Furthermore, on the inside left Millie and i decided not to use the images we took in the photoshoot so we found an image with mostly the pink and orange feathers and removed the background and liquified it on photoshop creating a cool liquid effect using one of our images. I placed it in InDesign and layered a few on top of each other and rotated them to make them more interesting. We used the same image for our inside right side although we found it a bit boring so we added more vibrance to it and turned up the brightness and exposure which helped it to pop more inside.

The back cover of our digipak includes a gradual fade from pink to yellow and a grain filter which goes with the front, we did this so it goes well with the front and doesn’t feel like two separate music albums. The text is the same text we used for “Shade” as we think it is clear and easy for our audience to read which helps her songs to stand out.

Draft 1

This is our first draft of our digipak, Millie and I chose yellow and pink instead of dark reds as we thought it goes better with the pop/R&B genre. We chose this image of grace and added a drop shadow to make her seem more realistic against the background. We also experimented  with our background using filters, like this one which I personally don’t think fits well with our theme of R&B/pop music but we thought we would try it anyways. On the inside left  we used the images from the airport shoot to create a photobooth effect by placing the images next to each other, this made the digipak more casual and less formal. On the inside right hand side we used the sunglasses she is wearing in the front cover and used one image we took whilst in a shoot with grace, we also used orange and pink feathers which go well with our colour scheme. On the back we wanted to keep the same theme as the front so we used the gradient in photoshop to create a fade effect between the two colours pink and yellow.




Website Previous Students Work

As a part of our research for our website design, I decided to analysis a pervious students work to get more ideas and to help us widen our work further by adding new things we have learnt from someone else’s website design.

I chose a website that seems to be the same genre as our artist, R&B/pop music, the website I chose is called, Ama Lou. The layout of the website is easy to use and navigate. The overall layout is ecstatically pleasing as the colour scheme of black, grey and white works throughout and even though they are simple colours they work nicely together and is still very effective. Everything is easy to find with the search bar at the top along side the links such as, bio, music, tour, gallery and contact. These are obvious things Millie and I need to include in our website to insure it is the best it can be.

Furthermore, I also like how the typeface of the stars name, ‘Ama Lou’ is written as if the artist wrote it herself, I think this makes the overall website more meaningful as pleasing to the eye because it goes with her edgy theme that is seen throughout the website design. Moving on, when you click the link ‘bio’ at the top of the page which drops down the description of the artist, the bio is full of important information any fan would want to know, like her age, nationally and other things about the star.

Overall, I like this website and have seen some things I would like to try and include in our website, such as the hand writing font for the stars name. Although, there could have been more things which would have made it better, for example adding more digipaks to make it seem more realistic and include more information about the images used or quotes to help us as the audience connect with the artist more.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

From working with InDesign and Photoshop I have learnt a number of different things which I struggled with before. Such as, cutting and erasing a background from a image on photoshop, which has helped us as we needed to cut our main star out of the white background to place her on a colourful background which will work better with our R&B/pop genre. Furthermore, I whilst experimenting with different background colours I found a filter gallery on photoshop which has helped to improve our digipak and make it more interesting by adding a textured filter. Using InDesign has helped Millie and I to create the digipak we designed, we used brightness and contrast to make our star more vibrant and help her to stand out more. Also, we added a drop shadow which helped her to look more realistic rather then her standing out because she looks fake. InDesign allowed us to use vibrance to try contrast again our background by making our star more colourful and warm with a orange tint. Overall, InDesign and Photoshop has helped us to further our digipak and strengthen our skills which will help us when we come to finishing our digipak.


Evaluation of shoot

I think both photoshoots went well and we included a vary of different angles and colourful props to help make our images more interesting. Although, our shoot in the white studio went well the images didn’t tun out as good as we wanted as at first the camera wasn’t working and the images were too over exposed even when we turned it down so we had to change the camera. Some of our images were also blurry as some images were on manual focus rather than auto, but once we turned it back to auto focus the quality of the images came through nicely. We used props like the green sunglasses to create an edgy persona to show our target audience her fun, dangerous and excitable side. Furthermore, we also used the feather scarfs to add more colour to our images and used shutter speed to experiment with movement. Our second shoot didn’t go as well as our first one as we planned to go to the airport and use the photobooth to create a four image in one effect for the inside left of our digipak, but when we arrived it wasn’t working so we improvised and took serval images of the band scattered around the airport doing different poses and with different backgrounds to make sure we had enough images so we could choose four to make the photobooth effect we wanted. Overall, I think our photoshoots went well and we used a vary of backgrounds, colours and angles to insure our images would all look the same and make our digipak boring.


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