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Shoot Reflection (Performance)


Millie and I are really happy with the different shots we took in this performance location shoot. I think we have really varied our angles, even though looking back and the footage now we wish we took more shots. For example, long shots, extreme long shots, extreme close ups and more extra shots (hands on the keyboard and drums).


Performance Rough Cut

I am really pleased with this performance rough cut as I am really happy with the variety of angles we took and close ups, I am also happy with the performers and how they acted professional and took directions well from Millie and I. Throughout this location shoot Millie and I tried to vary our work by changing the instruments the other way round to create variation in out video. Although I am pleased with how well the shoot went, looking back at our footage I wish we took more clips which would help us when it comes to making the final music video, because of this Millie an I have decided to organize another performance shoot for more diversity in our video.

Targets For Improvement:

  • make sure no one is talking in the background
  • the camera is the right angle
  • there is no clutter in the background for mes en scene
  • make sure the lip sinking is correct
  • make sure all character fits in the frame or zoom in more
  • change angles more
  • check lighting
  • be as still as possible when using the shoulder mount


Narrative Development


As you can see, Millie and I have created this narrative structure shape which has helped us with planning our performance and so we know what we are doing so we don’t waste time.


Narrative Storyboard


Here, Millie and I created a story board to help us with our narrative shoot. This story board will give us an idea of what to film and help us plan the order we film our videos. We are aiming to shoot about 30 – 40 clips. This will insure us we have enough shots for our music video and we won’t be struggling to find more clips without repeating it too much.

Star Image


Here Millie and I  have made a star image of the artist we have chosen for our music video, Alunageorge. We created this mood board with different images of Alunageorge and quotes from different social medias, like Twitter and Instagram.

Test Shoot

As you can see Millie and I created a mini test shoot video using our song, we decided to test different angles and see what worked well and what didn’t. We used Premier Pro to create this mini test video, this will help when we come to making our real music video. Looking back at this mash up video, I have realised some shots are out of focus, this has made us realise we need to make sure the camera we use for our music video is in focus by switching it to auto focus.

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