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Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

Millie and I shared our pitch idea with someone who works at Specsavers in media, designing adverts and creating mini films for their advertisement. He liked our pitch and gave us serval ideas on how to improve and portray our vision. We have taken his ideas and advise and planned our shoot properly so we hopefully won’t need to film again as we are fully prepared. I am excited to shoot our music video with the helpful information we were given and use it to help our music video to be the best it can.

Targets He Suggested:

  • write a list of each characters and their personality
  • fully prepare each shoot
  • make sure narrative makes sense
  • show mes en scene clearly
  • write a list of shots and extra shots we want to take in both our location shoots

Visual Shot List for Performance Shoot


Here Millie and I have created a few slides with different camera shot ideas for when we start to film out music video on our location shoot. This will help us when we come to shooting as we have plenty ideas and are not stuck for variety when we are filming.

Pitch + Feedback


  • improve narrative
  • make narrative easier by cutting it down
  • mostly performance not as much narrative
  • decide what the narrative is about
  • find a way to show how the female character is being controlled
  • watch music videos to see how we can improve our ideas and take inspiration

Final Song Choice


Millie and I were paired together to create a music video, we read through both of our pitches and discussed things we liked and disliked about each but decided to change our song and make a new pitch with a slightly different narrative to our other ideas.

Song Short List and Moodboards


I decided to create this pitch as well as my original song as I later decided I didn’t like the ideas I had and thought it would be difficult to film it in the style I visioned it. I chose this song as well because I liked the idea of having people dressed in animal costumes, this would look completely different to most music videos and would help it to stand out against everyone else’s.


I chose this as my original pitch as I love the song and thought the story of two lovers would be good, especially as we have so many romantic settings we could choose to use in our location shoots.

Evaluation of Previous Student’s Music Video

Throughout this music video, mise en scene is used in a variety of different ways and of a high standard. The thing that sticks out for me the most is the costumes and makeup, the costumes fits well with the theme of cave men and the music genre, tribal folk. Even though the makeup is simple and plain it is still really effective as it represents he tribal side of the music video. This will influence me when I come to creating my own music video to remember that makeup and costume is a key part in making a good music video to help represent the genre.

Furthermore, camera techniques are used effectively in this music video. For example, the steady close ups in eye line with the main characters face shows his expressions and the detail of the makeup which works well with the mise en scene and gives the audience a better understanding of the music video as the shots go well with the rhythm of the music. In this music video they used a tripod well as all the shots are steady which helps portray the narrative of the video and the characters narrative though using mise en scene.

Continuing on, editing is very food throughout the whole music video. The editing goes well with the music and theme. For example, the use of different colour filters and lightings helps portray the fast moving video which goes well with the rhythm of the music.


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