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A Front Cover Analysed


I have created a slideshow above of the front cover of the magazine, ‘MOJO’ that I have analysed. I have used the website to help me find more about the target audience for MOJO in more detail, this is where I found the images I added onto my slide. They give an overview of what the typical ‘MOJO’ reader would enjoy watching ect, they also show what age group, gender and the estimated income is. Moving on, I analysed the colours used to grab the audiences attention, the typeface and the langue used to make the reader want to read more.

Technical Camera Terms


From theses photos, you can see Molly, Millie and I tried to vary our pictures by taking pictures with different camera angles, lighting, distance and composition. This helped us to experiment with the camera as we were using different settings such as, fast and slow shutter speed and ISO. Some of the pictures we took were too blurry as the shutter speed was too high which made them too bright and fuzzy. Although, we changed the setting and retook the pictures.

My Image That Uses Mise-En-Scene For Meaning


We were given the music genre ‘country western’. The conventions we associated with it were:

  • Long boots
  • Blue jeans
  • Straw hats
  • Checked shirts
  • Older audience
  • Plain makeup
  • Simple hair  

This mood board I made shows various things relating to country western music. For example, the clothes they wear, their makeup and hair styles, what they like to do and what a typical country western star would usually look like. We then as a group (with Molly and Immy)  took pictures to suit the appropriate Mise-En-Scene setting, using the right costume and tried different angle shots to vary out pictures. 


The Camera Talks


Here I have taken a range of different photos with different angles with Molly and Millie for this task, I have written the different angles we used for each picture and I have used hashtags to show what each picture is telling the audience.

Print Media that communicates meaning


This poster is a  perfect example of how the artist is trying to communicate with us, by selling themselves they draw the audience in.  By analyzing this poster I can see the designer has gone for very plain colours with black at the bottom which entices the audience as it is very eye catching from close up as well as from a distance. Furthermore, from me analyzing this poster it has taught me that every piece of detail is important in advertising and media, this will help me to create my print design and when i move on to make my own magazine cover.  

Magazine Front Cover


My copy of the magazine front cover

The original image of the magazine front cover ‘NME’ above gave me inspiration to create my own magazine front cover, this mock up will help me to move on and  progress my word when I design my own magazine front cover. I am pleased with the font text and size as well as the colours I used as they are very similar to the original. Furthermore, I am happy with the picture I chose as it fits in well with the magazine, even though I found it confusing and difficult to separate it from its original background during Photoshop. Moreover, the thing I am pleased with the most and found the easiest to do was is the masthead, ‘NME’ because I think it is the most similar thing to the original, which I was trying to achieve.

Although, throughout this process I am disappointed I ran out of time as I didn’t finish my magazine cover, next time I will make sure I allow myself enough time to finish my work. However, even though I am pleased with my text I am annoyed that my main cover line is not tilted and more across the page, like the original. Lastly, I wish I used photoshop better so I didn’t need to crop one of the band members out of my front cover, I will keep testing photoshop for my next magazine cover.

This YouTube video will help me to further my ability in photoshop form my next piece of work.

So… I’m a Media Prosumer!

I use Media on an everyday bases to keep up with the latest trends and news, this collage gives you an idea on what type of Media I use everyday. Blumler and Katz created the idea that we as Media users not only use Media for talking to our friends about the news and the latest fashion trends but also use it as a conversation starters and be apart of the media and to join in.


Lick And Stick Mock Up

As you can see, this first image is the front cover of the magazine, ‘NME’ which features the band  ‘The Vaccines’ . I used the original picture to create a quick handwritten sketch (a mock-up) which will help me later when I start to create my own front cover for my magazine. Later this week I will be creating the same front cover as this one but with my own twist and a different image. I learnt from doing this piece of work the masthead, main cover line and the image are the conventional design features that stands out the most.




So, Hello Media Studies

What skills do I have?

I have several skills that I think will help create a music video. For example, I studied art GCSE which taught me how to contrast different lights, I also learnt how to edit pictures which will be usefully when I need to Photoshop my pictures. I am now studying A level photography which will also help me to take good pictures and hopefully help me understand my camera and its setting for any of my photo shoots.  I am looking forward to learn how to use Photoshop in more detail as in GCSE art we only looked at it briefly. Additionally, I am excited to keep uploading new posts onto my blog and keep it maintained, also how to analyse in depth about the colours used, lighting, mise en sense and words/pictures. I use media on a day to day bases to contact with my friends and keep up with the latest news and fashion trends. Hopefully, my blog will help me to express my individuality by allowing me to choose my background and colours I use.

What do you want to achieve?

Throughout my Media course I would like to develop a range on skills which will help me in the future from using what I have learn in my Media course. I would like to achieve a well presented blog that has been maintained by myself and is up to date with interesting posts that everyone will enjoy.

Hello and Welcome to my blog

Hello, welcome to my Media Studies blog! You can see my Media products below.

Please use the buttons above to navigate.

The Brief:

‘The front page, contents page and double-page spread of a new music magazine. This is an individual edition of a magazine and if I have been working in a group, it has used the same house style as my group members.  All of the images and text in the magazine are original and produced by me with a minimum of 4 of my own original images.’

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