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So… How is it going?

My choice of genre (pop music) for my music magazine is represented in different ways. For example, the various different fonts I used, my clolour scheme, mise-en-scene though the images I used of my artist and my location shoots which tie in with mise-en-scene. All these things help create and finish my magazine which is why it was essential for me to include all of them throughout my pop magazine.

Target For Development

In my next draft for my music magazine, I wish to include different fonts to vary my magazine so it doesn’t look as boring. I also wish to add more images and colours to help my magazine more eye catching.

2nd Shoot Contact Sheet(s)


These are my images from my photoshoot I took for my double page spread and contents page, my favorites are the last two contact sheets as I like the backgrounds we used and the poses Mary did as I directed her. My least favorite images are on the first two contact sheets as I struggled to focus the camera but l sorted it by the end of the shoot.

Production Meeting Agenda for 2nd Photo Shoot


As you can see here, I have had another meeting with my model (Molly) for my second photoshoot in the darkroom. We discuses what costumes she will be wearing and what poses to fit with my pop music theme. Obviously, Molly was very familiar with what sort of images I wanted to produce from our last shoot which helped her to think of some more poses as well as me.

Magazine Ideas For My Front Cover


As you see in this slide, I have created a board of different pop music magazine covers I like. This will help me design and give me inspiration for my magazine front cover, I will use these images to help me create my draft and give me ideas for the front cover of my magazine, ‘ChiChi’ which is a stylish, modern magazine which will include all the latest musicians.

Contact Sheet With My Best Images


Here, you can see I have chosen my best 30 images from both my whiteroom and darkroom photoshoot. I am really happy with my overall pictures I have taken for my magazine. Although, there are a few images that would have been good to put in my magazine but were very blurry, in my next photoshoot I will make sure the camera is fully focussed before taking any pictures of my model. I will defiantly use some of these images in my magazine as I am really pleased with how my model presented her character and listened my my directions of what poses I wanted her do do.

Early Mock Ups


As you can see here, I have created a quick mock up for my pop music magazine, ‘ChiChi’ which will help me later on when I come to creating my magazine as I have already planned it out. I am excited to start my pop music magazine as I can’t wait to add my photoshoot pictures of my model to it.

Production Meeting Agenda for 1st Photo Shoot

I had a meeting with my model (Molly) who I am using for my pop music magazine, ‘ChiChi’. We discussed what my theme was so she could think about what character she had to portray, with some guidance from me. We also spoke about what costumes and props she would be wearing and using. I wanted to make sure Molly was fully prepared for my whiteroom photoshoot and knew what I wanted her to do, for example what poses I want her to do.

Ideas For My Model


Here, I made a Pinterest board with all the images that I want my model to look like. For example, makeup, hair styles, clothing and different poses. This will help me with my photoshoot as I now know what I want my model to look like and do to go with my pop music magazine theme.

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