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I have decided to use both these adverts in my music magazine as they both fit well with my pop music theme and help represent pop music through there own style.

I have chosen this Ariana Grande advert to sit next to my contents page as I think this advert will stand out to my audience as Ariana is a well known pop artist that my target audience will know, this shows my buyers my magazine includes the newest brands by the hottest celebrities. I also think this advert looks well with my pink colour scheme and helps bring out my magazines sassy but classic side.

I chose this Justin Bieber poster as my second advert as Justin is one of the most well known pop music artists in the world and fits well with my theme as this poster represents pop music.


Article Idea Development

For my double page spread magazine, I would like to create a classic Q&A article as it is easier to read and is more appealing than a big block of text. I wish to include lots of colour that fits well with my colour scheme and add images from my photoshoot with my model to help my double page spread stand out to my audience to make them want to buy my next issue.

Target For Development

For my target development, I need to place my article in my double page spread and take and place my small images on my magazine to help my magazine look more interesting and eye catching. I also need to add more colour into my magazine which will help my magazine to stand out from the rest when my target audience come to choosing a new stylish magazine.

Draft 4 Feedback and targets


Front Cover:

  • Add more images
  • Put headlines and captions in

Contents Page:

  • Put in contents
  • Add in other images
  • Add more colour

Double Page Spread:

  • Add more colour
  • Include more images from this photoshoot
  • Make my artist bigger
  • Put in article ect

Production Meeting Agenda for 2nd Photo Shoot


I needed to choose someone in my class to help model for my photoshoot which weren’t busy in another class or off site. I had a meeting with Mary a few days before the photoshoot so she knew what style and character I wanted her to portray in the images, the day before the shoot I made sure Mary knew what costume to bring and what makeup I asked her to do.

Risk Assessment


This is my risk assessment for my photoshoot, even though I will taking my images at school I still need to be aware of the risks involved, like moving cars and the weather.


A New Improved Front Page


draft 2-1bpahok

As you can see in the link above, I have improved my pop music magazine by changing the title to bold and making the space between the letters bigger which fills the top of the page more which can be more eye catching. I also moved my captions and cover line further down the page to make the front cover look less crammed and cluttered, now when I add my captions and the cover line it will look more spaced out which looks more professional. Overall, I prefer my old masthead as I like how it looks against my model and how it fits across the page. Although, in my real front cover I will keep the cover line and captions where I moved them in this second draft as I think it will look better.

Magazine Draft 1


As you can see above, I have created my first draft of my pop music magazine, ‘ChiChi’. I experimented with my magazine testing different colours and fonts to make sure they stuck with my theme of pop music and looked well with my photoshoot images. I am pleased with my overall finished magazine as i think it represents everything ‘ChiChi’ is about, stylish, sleek, classic and popular. Click the link above to see all of my magazine work.



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