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Preparation For Our Shoots

As you can see, Millie and I created a Facebook chat so we could organise a time and place when we were all free. I also looked though our main characters Instagram and picked a few outfits I thought would look well with our theme, this helped our actors as they knew exactly what we wanted them to wear.

Feedback from teacher

This video is the feedback we have received from our teacher about our first draft.

He has watched our video and given us targets to improve and other positive feedback for when we come to developing our video.

Things that went well:

  • good footage
  • nice use of frames and cimatry in our shots
  • nicely light shots
  • a variety of different shots
  • the close up with the shadow across her face
  • the low angle close up of Grace in frame within a frame
  • like the edit

Things to work on:

  • the idea of having an argument, maybe change some shots and try portray their argument in a different way.
  • more quick, snappy and upbeat
  • give our audience time to watch the narrative
  • see more of the musicians

All these improvements will help me and Millie when it comes to our editing and has helped us a lot with how to improve our first music video draft.


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

I am very pleased with our second draft, we have improved from our last shoot and took onboard what our peers and teacher said to do to help upgrade our music video.

Things that went well:

  • The variety of different shots
  • The lighting of each shot
  • The location of both shoots
  • Grace’s lip sync
  • Good mes en scene
  • Our editing to the breat

Things that didn’t go so well and we need to improve on:

  • More close ups
  • More shots of her dancing
  • Reaction shots



Shoot Evaluation (Performance)

What went well:

  • The variety of different shots
  • Mes en scene
  • Unique locations which fit well with our theme and the band
  • Grace worked well with our directions we gave her and was good at acting in the character we asked her to
  • Everyone turing up on time
  • Making sure we have all the equipment we need

What we need to do to improve:

  • Get more close ups
  • Making sure every shot is in focus
  • Make sure we understand how to us the camera
  • Trying to arrange a time for everyone to meet when everyone is free

Audience Ideologies

As you can see, I have used the YouGov website to find out for about my target audience. This information tells me that my audience are female and around the age of 25-39 and typically live in London. Furthermore, it tells me there interests for example, what music and films they watch, this will help me with my music video asĀ  can research other similar artists and watch their music videos which I can take inspiration from.

Shoot Reflection (Performance)


Millie and I are really happy with the different shots we took in this performance location shoot. I think we have really varied our angles, even though looking back and the footage now we wish we took more shots. For example, long shots, extreme long shots, extreme close ups and more extra shots (hands on the keyboard and drums).


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