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Evaluation of shoot

I think both photoshoots went well and we included a vary of different angles and colourful props to help make our images more interesting. Although, our shoot in the white studio went well the images didn’t tun out as good as we wanted as at first the camera wasn’t working and the images were too over exposed even when we turned it down so we had to change the camera. Some of our images were also blurry as some images were on manual focus rather than auto, but once we turned it back to auto focus the quality of the images came through nicely. We used props like the green sunglasses to create an edgy persona to show our target audience her fun, dangerous and excitable side. Furthermore, we also used the feather scarfs to add more colour to our images and used shutter speed to experiment with movement. Our second shoot didn’t go as well as our first one as we planned to go to the airport and use the photobooth to create a four image in one effect for the inside left of our digipak, but when we arrived it wasn’t working so we improvised and took serval images of the band scattered around the airport doing different poses and with different backgrounds to make sure we had enough images so we could choose four to make the photobooth effect we wanted. Overall, I think our photoshoots went well and we used a vary of backgrounds, colours and angles to insure our images would all look the same and make our digipak boring.


Website Terminology

Here, I have created a slide with a famous stars website and labelled each website terminology I could find whilst searching for ideas for when millie and I start to design our website. This has helped me to remember different bits that overall make a website and will help me think about what i would like to include in our website design.

Contact Sheet Second Shoot

Here, we did a shoot at the airport as we wanted to use the photobooth to create a four image in one look for the left inside of our digipak. But annoying the photobooth wasn’t working so we decided to improvise and take images on a plain background and staggered on the stairs so we can photoshop it to look as if it was taken in a photobooth or use a filter. We did a mini shoot in the white room with the chain which we can play around with on photoshoot as we don’t like the images as much as we though we would.

Contact Sheet First Shoot

Here, as you can see Millie and I have created a contact sheet with the images we want to use in our digipak, we tried different poses and use of props to make the overall images more interesting.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Here, we have created a risk assessment for our digipak front cover shoot. It shows what are the risks of our shoot and what could go wrong, which will help us to be more careful in our photoshoot.


These are a few images we took in our photoshoot, I am pleased with the images we took as we did a vary of close ups, medium and long shots which gives us a variety of options to choose from when we star creating our digipak. Although, if we choose to do another shoot, next time we will make sure the camera is fully focused as some images weren’t of a good enough quality.



Feedback on mock up and targets

Our Mock Up Digipak:

As you can see, Millie and I have made this mock up digipak to ask people what genre they think it belongs to and what adjectives they would use to describe it. This feedback will help Millie and I when it comes to designing our real digipak. The most picked genre that was chosen from the people we asked was pop, although our genre is R&B / pop. Even though most people picked pop there was a few who did choose R&B. The most chosen adjectives were confident and rebellious which was the two we wanted our digipak to look like, also dramatic which also got  few votes. We are happy with the feedback we received although wished more people voted R&B but the targets people gave us will hopefully help us to improve our digipak which will make it more obvious.

Targets From Our Peers:

  • use more colour in your digipak
  • make the images more clear and bigger
  • make the inside more exciting by adding colour


Digipak Photo Mock- Up

Here, Millie and I have created some moodboards to find inspiration for our digipak. We have used the colour palette we want to use in our album cover. We also have taken images of different texts in a magazines for a variety of typeface which will work together. These overall digipaks we have created have helped us to widen our eyes and look at different things that we wouldn’t have thought of, for example other materials rather than paper/card.

Digipak – Previous Students Work

This digipak is from a previous students work includes the use of camera angels and photoshop to take and manipulate engaging images. The front cover of this digipak (top left) uses a close up camera angle of the stars face to connotes a casual look for the artist as the background is plain white which helps draw the audiences eye to the star. This close up angle also suggests to the audience she is stylish and cool as the Mise En Scene, make up is fashionable which would target their selected audience, (girls in particular). Continuing on, photoshopped is used in this image to airbrush certain areas to make the star seem more perfect. A filter has been used on the red hair to help  make it more flamboyant and vibrant, this eye catching colour grabs the audiences eyes straight away at first glance. Following on, the front cover of this digipak it includes two types of font, the artists name and the name of the album, the word, ‘Ignite’ suggest to the audience her new album is on fire and its the hottest thing in the charts, this also relates back to the colour red as it suggests fire and heat. The font they have used for, ‘Ariana Grande’ is simple but still effective as it is easy to ready and understand. Unlike the typeface they chose for their title where its is more broken up, although, it fits with the theme of pop music and goes well with the white background.

Furthermore, the back cover of this digipak, includes photoshop on the stars face to brightened her completion to make her seem more flourless to the audience. The camera angle used is more formal and less casual which suggests to her audience she is serious about her music and her career. Continuing on, Mise En Scene is used in this back cover as her electric red hair matches with the colour theme of the digipak, this is ecstatically pleasing to audiences eyes. Also, the artists is wearing a bright purple scrunchy on her wrist, this stands out from the rest of the image but looks as if the star forgot to take it off. The use of typeface is the same as the front cover stars name, this is because it would be too confusing for the audience to have lots of different fonts as the overall product wouldn’t stand out.

Moving on, the inside of the digipak includes two shapes which go with the colour scheme of the stars vibrant red hair and warm purple scrunchy. The orangey red strands on the left side represent the stars hair which works well with the pop music theme. The purple circle represents the scrunchy and work well with the title font text as it is slightly broken like the album covers name, this makes the overall digipak look well as the Mise En Scene is used as both the inside drawings to connect all the digipak together.

Digipak Moodboards

Here, I have made a few slides of album covers I like and would like to take inspiration for our digipak. This research has given me more of an idea what sort of R&B/pop album covers look like and what my target audience is looking for, this will help me when it comes to designing our digipak. I have also found some images I like for costume, colour scheme and font, this will help me when it comes to designing out digipak. I have also included some song names that our artist have sung for the back cover.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Here, I have analysed this album cover by Rihanna. This will help me when Millie and I come to designing our digipak as this genre has given me inspiration and also helped me to understand what i need in our digipak to make is successful.

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