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Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft four of our music video to “You Know You Like It” by Alunageorge. From receiving our feedback on our draft three from our peers we have used their input and used it to help improve our draft 4 further. Millie and I added a few more clips and made some shots shorter to help the video more upbeat, we also took out the blackouts as it didn’t work as well as we thought as we expected it to try make it more upbeat and a faster pace. A lot of our feedback from our peers said we needed to editing to the beat, although we edited our shots to the lyrics rather than the beat as we wanted to represent the music through our main actor/singer.

Here is the feedback we received from our peers on our draft 4 of our music video:

Areas to improve on:

  • more effects – eg colour correction and slow motion in a few shots to improve the variety which will make it more exciting.
  • include more shots of the band members, like close ups or shots of them alone in a long/medium shot as Grace’s shots are too long.
  • add a short montage at the beginning of the band members to show the audience the relationship between the main actor and the boys straight away.
  • add different shot 1:05 till 1:07 as they don’t look as happy.
  • close up/ zoom in of phone when Grace is texting band member.
  • more reaction shots.

What went well:

  • the MES and makeup works really well together and is a really good contrast with the outfits they are wearing.
  • the colours of the outfits match her emotions.
  • nice angles, such as close ups of Grace and hand holding walking into the distance.



Music Video Draft 3

I have asked some of my peers to help review my music video so far and give me feedback. Down below I have taken screenshots of what they said.

Millie and I will take all the advise we have been given and try to improve our music video using the points everyone has given us. We will also use the positive feedback and  try to continue it throughout our music video.


  • add more close ups.
  • more reaction shots.
  • cut shot shorter to match the beat of the music.
  • more editing skills need to be added.
  • add some transition to make it more interesting.
  • use more shots of them happy and slowly develop into the fight.
  • increase the speed of the shots.


Inspiration For Our Website And Album Design

Here, I have taken photos of the A level and GCSE art and photography to take inspiration for when Millie and I come to design our website and album cover, I have chosen these images because I like the colours used to make the images stand out and come to life. I also think some of these images will work well with our R&B theme.




Feedback from teacher

This video is the feedback we have received from our teacher about our first draft.

He has watched our video and given us targets to improve and other positive feedback for when we come to developing our video.

Things that went well:

  • good footage
  • nice use of frames and cimatry in our shots
  • nicely light shots
  • a variety of different shots
  • the close up with the shadow across her face
  • the low angle close up of Grace in frame within a frame
  • like the edit

Things to work on:

  • the idea of having an argument, maybe change some shots and try portray their argument in a different way.
  • more quick, snappy and upbeat
  • give our audience time to watch the narrative
  • see more of the musicians

All these improvements will help me and Millie when it comes to our editing and has helped us a lot with how to improve our first music video draft.


Feedback on draft 2 with new and improved narrative

For this draft, I asked a few friends and teachers to give me feed back of Millie and I’s music video, even though it is not a full draft it will and has helped us when we come to carrying on editing it for our final draft. Millie and I will take all the improvements onboard and try to improve our video to the best we can with taking the points that went well onboard too so we can learn from them and produce a high end music video.

Things that looks good:

  • variety of different shots
  • well lit shots throughout the video
  • well organised mes en scene
  • nice locations that fit well with our music genre (R&B)

Things that we can improve on:

  • add more close up reaction shots
  • add more narrative shots
  • some shots aren’t lip synced
  • experiment with editing
  • add more extra shots (like close ups of dumb kit and keyboards)
  • add more shots of the two boys (band members)

Narrative Shoot Images

Here are a few images from our narrative shoot, these images were taken at the Guet.

What went well:

  • Grace and Noah took our directions well.
  • vary of different shots.
  • mes en scene.
  • Grace and Noah’s acting.

What didn’t go so well:

  • we needed more reaction shots.
  • the battery in the camera was low so next time we need to be more prepared.
  • arrive on time.

Preparation For Our Shoots

As you can see, Millie and I created a Facebook chat so we could organise a time and place when we were all free. I also looked though our main characters Instagram and picked a few outfits I thought would look well with our theme, this helped our actors as they knew exactly what we wanted them to wear.

New And Improved Draft 3


Here in the draft shown, I have edited more of the narrative shots we took from our narrative location shoot at the Guet and Cobo beach. I took on board the feedback I got from my peers and teachers and used it to improve my fifth draft, I personally think this has reenforced our music video, giving it more structure and making it better as it has more variety and a larger range of shots which makes it more interesting and enticing for my target audience.

What has changed:

  • added more narrative.
  • changed the order which dragged the video out more, I think making it better.
  • finished adding performance shots.
  • took shots out my teachers, peers and I thought didn’t work so well, for example the close us dancing shot.
  • experimented with a little editing with the shot of Noah crying.
  • fixed the shots that needed lip syncing corrected as they won’t 100% on time.
  • cut some shots shorter and added more to help make the video more upbeat.
  • cut the instrumental shots to the beat making the video more faster.
  •   Added a better variety of shots and more close ups to make our video more interesting.


  • add more close ups.
  • more reaction shots.
  • cut shot shorter to match the beat of the music.
  • more editing skills need to be added.
  • add some transition to make it more interesting.
  • use more shots of them happy and slowly develop into the fight.
  • increase the speed of the shots.


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