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Evaluation of web design application

Since designing my website page for our music star, I have learnt serval different things, such as conventional techniques and visual branding which has impacted my learning and helped me to move forward. For example, adding images and videos which are attached to a link, and using the same colour scheme for my website as we used for the digipak, this links all the products together.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

From working with InDesign and Photoshop I have learnt a number of different things which I struggled with before. Such as, cutting and erasing a background from a image on photoshop, which has helped us as we needed to cut our main star out of the white background to place her on a colourful background which will work better with our R&B/pop genre. Furthermore, I whilst experimenting with different background colours I found a filter gallery on photoshop which has helped to improve our digipak and make it more interesting by adding a textured filter. Using InDesign has helped Millie and I to create the digipak we designed, we used brightness and contrast to make our star more vibrant and help her to stand out more. Also, we added a drop shadow which helped her to look more realistic rather then her standing out because she looks fake. InDesign allowed us to use vibrance to try contrast again our background by making our star more colourful and warm with a orange tint. Overall, InDesign and Photoshop has helped us to further our digipak and strengthen our skills which will help us when we come to finishing our digipak.


Evaluation of shoot

I think both photoshoots went well and we included a vary of different angles and colourful props to help make our images more interesting. Although, our shoot in the white studio went well the images didn’t tun out as good as we wanted as at first the camera wasn’t working and the images were too over exposed even when we turned it down so we had to change the camera. Some of our images were also blurry as some images were on manual focus rather than auto, but once we turned it back to auto focus the quality of the images came through nicely. We used props like the green sunglasses to create an edgy persona to show our target audience her fun, dangerous and excitable side. Furthermore, we also used the feather scarfs to add more colour to our images and used shutter speed to experiment with movement. Our second shoot didn’t go as well as our first one as we planned to go to the airport and use the photobooth to create a four image in one effect for the inside left of our digipak, but when we arrived it wasn’t working so we improvised and took serval images of the band scattered around the airport doing different poses and with different backgrounds to make sure we had enough images so we could choose four to make the photobooth effect we wanted. Overall, I think our photoshoots went well and we used a vary of backgrounds, colours and angles to insure our images would all look the same and make our digipak boring.


Feedback on mock up and targets

Our Mock Up Digipak:

As you can see, Millie and I have made this mock up digipak to ask people what genre they think it belongs to and what adjectives they would use to describe it. This feedback will help Millie and I when it comes to designing our real digipak. The most picked genre that was chosen from the people we asked was pop, although our genre is R&B / pop. Even though most people picked pop there was a few who did choose R&B. The most chosen adjectives were confident and rebellious which was the two we wanted our digipak to look like, also dramatic which also got  few votes. We are happy with the feedback we received although wished more people voted R&B but the targets people gave us will hopefully help us to improve our digipak which will make it more obvious.



6 people voted for POP

4 people voted for INDIE POP

3 people voted for R&B


6 people voted for CONFIDENT

6 people voted for REBELIOUS

3 people voted for DRAMATIC

Targets From Our Peers:

  • use more colour in your digipak
  • make the images more clear and bigger
  • make the inside more exciting by adding colour


Our Mission Statement

Kalika puts the excitement into R&B/pop. Mixing rhythm and blues with pop music to create a  new unique genre of her own style, this electrifying, catchy and fun style will entice our target audience. We want our audience to be drawn in by our flashy and eye catching digipak design which will include all of the latest songs from her album ‘JEALOUS’, which has reached number one in the UK.

This our mission statement that Millie and I have come up with for our digipak, we chose the name Kalika because we thought it sounds nice and isn’t very popular so it would stand out from other artist. We also decided to call the album ‘JEALOUS’ as it is short and effective, but also because its an appropriate use of language as it would look nice with our idea, theme and font. We are going to make our digipak bright and colorful with an appropriate colour pallette for the genre of our music.

Who is your audience?

  • Our target audience are young women that range from the ages of 29 – 39 and who are typically from around London/Midlands.
  • They like to watch tv shows like the news and ‘Love Island’ and some of their favourite films are ‘Room’ and ‘Amy’.
  • They are mainly Left wing in politics, so this means that they believe in equality and want to support those who cannot support themselves, they believe very much working together to help and support each other.

A call to action

  • I would like my target audience to try connect with my star though her song and the lyrics, also through the music video as some women have experienced the same situation I think it will help the star seem more common which will help our audience to find a connection with her and her story.
  •  I also want our audience to engage with our star and album by connecting with the narrative on the music video as it is relatable for most women in our age range.
  • The audience will invest their money to buy our stars products like the songs off places like iTunes and iCloud as well as the digipak and the merchandise that will be sold on the website advertising both items.
  • Our audience will also invest their time in listening to our stars music and watching their music videos as well as following them on social medias such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Who are the competition? 

  • our competition are other big name stars in the R&B and pop industry such as ‘Bruno Mars’, ‘Ariana Grende’, ‘The Weekend’ and ‘Taylor Swift’.

My USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Our star is already quite well established in the market, so has fans who will support her new album coming out, but she would like to gain more fans from it being released by using her social media and her plugger to help her attract more fans by appearing on tv shows like, ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and having her own articles in different magazines such as ‘Vouge’ or ‘Billboard’.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

Lenny from Specsavers can in again to look at my draft 3 music video and gave me some feedback on how to improve and what went well about my shoots and my overall video so far. The feedback I received from him was very positive as he said we had lots of nice well lit shots, although we could experiment with colour correcting them but he advised us not to as it would fit as well with out narrative. Although, Lenny told us it wouldn’t look as good he showed me how to add different filters and changed the contrast and brightness of the colours incase we decided to add colour correct. Furthermore, I was worried one scene in our narrative wasn’t as a high expectations as we wanted it to look (the argument scene) as we were advised not to film people talking and arguing, although Lenny said it look great and it fit well with he story and helped it all come together. Lenny also spoke about adding more editing skills in to our video which we will definitely take on board and try to add more and improve what we have already. Adding more effects will help our overall music video and especially the narrative because it will make it more clear for the audience which parts are the narrative and performance. Effects will make our video more interesting and less boring and entice out target audience to watch it again. All the feedback we received from Lenny has helped us to move forward and has given us direction what we need to focus on rather than wasting time on things that look good. The colour correction will directly impact on the anchoring narrative and make it clearer what time frame is being focused on in the flashbacks and current day clips. 

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