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Production Skills Evaluation 2

Lenny from Specsavers can in again to look at my draft 3 music video and gave me some feedback on how to improve and what went well about my shoots and my overall video so far. The feedback I received from him was very positive as he said we had lots of nice well lit shots, although we could experiment with colour correcting them but he advised us not to as it would fit as well with out narrative. Although, Lenny told us it wouldn’t look as good he showed me how to add different filters and changed the contrast and brightness of the colours incase we decided to add colour correct. Furthermore, I was worried one scene in our narrative wasn’t as a high expectations as we wanted it to look (the argument scene) as we were advised not to film people talking and arguing, although Lenny said it look great and it fit well with he story and helped it all come together. Lenny also spoke about adding more editing skills in to our video which we will definitely take on board and try to add more and improve what we have already. Adding more effects will help our overall music video and especially the narrative because it will make it more clear for the audience which parts are the narrative and performance. Effects will make our video more interesting and less boring and entice out target audience to watch it again. All the feedback we received from Lenny has helped us to move forward and has given us direction what we need to focus on rather than wasting time on things that look good. The colour correction will directly impact on the anchoring narrative and make it clearer what time frame is being focused on in the flashbacks and current day clips. 

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Throughout creating my draft music video process, ‘You Know You Like It’ by Alunageorge, I have started to improve my:

  • Editing skills when using Premiere Pro.
  • The variety of different shots when filming in my location shoots.
  • How to sync the videos we are using to the music.
  • How to use the different settings on the camera.
  • Knowledge and understanding on Premiere Pro

Overall, all these skills have helped me to create my drafts on Premiere Pro which helps to develop my skills further and also gain more confidence when experimenting with them. I have learnt some new techniques during the process of my music video, for example:

  • Edit to the beat of the music
  • Include as many close ups as you can
  • Take too many shots rather than too little
  • Making sure you have enough footage for narrative and preformance
  • Making sure the theme/narrative makes sense to your audience

Throughout the process of our music video, my teacher and peers have helped my to progress my work further by giving us targets to focus on and key areas where we need to make changes, we have taken all the advise we have received on board and progressed further.

As for our narrative, we chose warm bright colours that could contrast with her emotions and feelings such as oranges and yellows which shows our starts ordinary and vulnerable emotions which also differ between her other outfits where she’s wearing cold blue and purple which represents a more professional star. Moving on, the pace of editing in the narrative effects the tension throughout the music video as it build climax as you as the audience don’t know what is going to happen next.

Here I have written a few things on Premiere Pro which I have learnt and is useful when Millie and I are editing our drafts.