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So how did it go?

I have finally fished my pop music magazine, ‘ChiChi’. Throughout making my magazine I have made several improvements like changing my fonts, adding more colour and including more images. The feedback from my teachers and peers has helped my to better my product throughout designing my magazine. Compared to my first draft of my magazine I can see a huge improvement and am pleased with my overall product.

So… How is it going?

My choice of genre (pop music) for my music magazine is represented in different ways. For example, the various different fonts I used, my clolour scheme, mise-en-scene though the images I used of my artist and my location shoots which tie in with mise-en-scene. All these things help create and finish my magazine which is why it was essential for me to include all of them throughout my pop magazine.

A Few Pieces Of My Art GCSE






All these pictures I took during my art GCSE art course. For my first project (‘I, ME, MINE’) my theme was, ‘Space’. I used space as my theme as I liked the idea of letting your imagination run wild and the thought of not knowing what is out of our universe interests me. For my final piece, I created a life size alien which I had 10 hours to finish, I used a shop mannequin to give me a rough base, then I used paper mache and newspaper to add bits on to make it more alien like. When it got to my exam I needed to paint the alien and add my materials I brought to make it look more interesting.

Moving on, my second project theme was, ‘The Circle Of Life’ I based this project on my life and used pictures from when I was growing up to show how much I have changed throughout the years. For my final piece I made an acrylic collage of my life cycle, I used a picture of me when I was first born, me as a toddler, me now and a skull to represent my future. Overall, I loved art GCSE and was happy I chose it after receiving my results. What i learnt from GCSE art will help me in media with he creative side to the course.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

These past few weeks I have learnt the meaning of Mise-En-Scene, which includes costume, lighting, acting and proxemics, hair and makeup, props and setting. We have also learnt the basics of how to use a camera, experimenting with fast and slow shutter speed and ISO. Furthermore, so far in my Media studies journey I have learnt the different camera angles/shots. This has helped me to apply Mise-En-scene and a vary of different camera shots to my photoshoots, and will continue to help me throughout my Media Studies journey.

Mise-En-Scene, camera angles and composition will help me throughout my Media Studies course, especially when I come to redesigning a music magazine and creating my own music magazine. I will use all the new techniques I have learnt in the past few weeks to draw my target audience in. However, I will have to ensure I use the right colours and images to attract my target audience, I will research my target audience and use the information I find to create my magazine front cover.   

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