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Flow Chart and Preferred Website template

Above, I created a flow chart to help Millie and I create out website. I used other websites to find out what short of things they include which helped me put this flow chart together to with the things we wanted to add into our website when we came to make it. The main things we need to include are Music, Videos, Merch, Tour info and Gallery, all these things helped us to think more about what we wanted to use to help our website look realistic.

Here, Millie and I decided to use this template off the website which helped us to start making our own website for our star. We made our website using the layout of this one changing, rearranging and adding stuff to it to make it better and more our and our stars style.

please click the image to see the link


Magazine Front Cover


My copy of the magazine front cover

The original image of the magazine front cover ‘NME’ above gave me inspiration to create my own magazine front cover, this mock up will help me to move on and  progress my word when I design my own magazine front cover. I am pleased with the font text and size as well as the colours I used as they are very similar to the original. Furthermore, I am happy with the picture I chose as it fits in well with the magazine, even though I found it confusing and difficult to separate it from its original background during Photoshop. Moreover, the thing I am pleased with the most and found the easiest to do was is the masthead, ‘NME’ because I think it is the most similar thing to the original, which I was trying to achieve.

Although, throughout this process I am disappointed I ran out of time as I didn’t finish my magazine cover, next time I will make sure I allow myself enough time to finish my work. However, even though I am pleased with my text I am annoyed that my main cover line is not tilted and more across the page, like the original. Lastly, I wish I used photoshop better so I didn’t need to crop one of the band members out of my front cover, I will keep testing photoshop for my next magazine cover.

This YouTube video will help me to further my ability in photoshop form my next piece of work.