September 19

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

In media, its so important to ‘be a detective’ so that you can pick apart any media that is thrown in your direction. To do this many media detectives use ‘mise en scene’. There are 5 things that make up that concept of mise en scene, which allow us to pick apart magazines, posters and many other media types. All of the aspects make up the word CLAMPS which makes it easier to remember all the aspects, these are:

  • Ccostume, what the person is wearing.
  • Llighting, what shade and where the lights are coming from 
  • Aaction, what they are doing in the shot
  • Mmake up and hair, how does their hair and make up reflect their character. 
  • Pprops, what props are going to be used
  • Ssetting, where they are 

All of the above are used to put an image into the audiences mind as to what to expect or who someone is. In class, I used CLAMPS to pick apart Due Lipa’s tour poster. This really taught me how important it is to take in the details and initially be a media detective. I also learnt that everything in a poster has a meaning and is there for a reason, mainly to pretty a certain idea to the audience, some more obvious then others.

Unpicking this tour poster made me really excited about creating my own just like it, apart from where all the decisions lie in my hands. It will be very important for me to think about every small detail and how eventually they will all fit together as one concept. Also doing this exercise has made me realise that everything has a reason to be there or be like it is.


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