November 8

Star Image – Theirs and Mine

The 1975 are a world famous band, who have many songs which fit into the genre of my magazine, unfortunately punk culture is slowly dying so there are not that many punk artists in which I was able to collect all the data needed for this task. In the presentation below I have collected various information about the 1975 including the following:

  • music
  • performance
  • appearances
  • articles
  • social media

This has helped me to understand how the public media views a band and the ways in which the 1975 choose to represent themselves to their fans and audience. Click on the image below to interact with my prezi!


After learning more about the industry of punk, it was finally time to think about the mise-en-scene on my magazine, which is something that I have been excited about for weeks. I have picked grunge punk which is not as extreme as the heavy mental rock and I decided that my cover star is going to be a female. These are my final ideas that I plan to use for my final magazine, putting them all onto on document was very handy because it is an easy way for me to access my mise-en-scene and posing ideas.

I also did some drawings and sketches about how I want my models make up to look. I have chosen to do a lightening bolt over one eye and have messy black makeup on the other. Also the addition of a spiky eyebrow.

As well as this, I have taken ideas from my mood board and put together 2 outfits I would like to explore, including accessories.


Hopefully, all my magazine ideas will come together and convey the emotions of rejection and rebellion trough my mise-en-scene with no context needed.


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