January 12

A New and Improved Contents Page

After gaining feedback from my first draft I have changed my contents page following this, improving it. Here is my new and improved contents page:


I really like my contents page and I think that it fits with the genre of my magazine well. However, this isn’t my final draft and to be able to improve further I needed even more feedback, so using a set of questions I asked someone, who has a eye for media, to give me some constructive criticism regarding my contents page. These are the questions asked in the recording below about my magazine and how I could improve for next time.


  • How does the contents page work in tandem with the front cover?
    • Is the font/typeface consistent with the front cover?
    • What genre of music is the contents page featuring?
  • Describe the images of the stars using adjectives.
  • Which cover-lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why?
  • How do the cover-lines reflect a music magazine? If they don’t,  which ones need to be adapted?
  • Which areas, aspects have distracting areas of integration of copy and images?
  • What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional (page numbers, inserts, captions, catchy cover lines, editors comment?


Due to circumstances, I wasn’t able to record my actual interview, I was only able to take notes from the interview. However I have still recorded it as an interview, with me asking the questions and giving the feedback I received being red from my notes.

Summary of Feedback:


From this interview I received some great feedback, all of which that I will be taking on board. Hopefully by improving further I will be able to produce a contents page of a high standard.


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