January 14

Design Skills 2

Skills I used in the making of my contents page.

This week I have been working on/creating my contents page for my magazine. I decided I wanted to create my own background for this, so I looked through a few videos on youtube for inspiration and came across this cool idea of making a blurred colour background on photoshop. This is the video I used:

My ‘how-to’ version of the video(step by step):

  •  Create a new a4 document, making sure that the bit is 16 instead of 8.
  • Pull up your colour swatches and brush sizes. Making the brush size 650 and hardness 0.





  • Add a new layer and doddle with one singular colour and do that same with other colours on different layers for each colour.
  • On each layer but a noise 0f 0.5 and a blur, this will get rid of any banding issues that you are struggling with.

My end result:

I have recreated this again so that it now fits in with my magazine by using my conventional front cover colours of pink and black. The overall impact of this is it keeps my magazine within genre and fits with the rest of my magazine too

Another technique that I used in the making of my contents page was how to change the colouring of images. For my page, I wanted all my images in black and white because I wanted the impact to be to draw the reader to turn to the actual page to see the image in full colour. While doing this though, I came across so many other switches you can make through the adjustments panel at the top of the page on photoshop, which brings up the panel shown below:

This can be used to make all kind of colour adjustments to an image from darker to brighter and Is a really good skill to have when editing an image. Both of my new skills above went well and will eventually be featured in my contents page.

Skills in my Double Page Spread

There were also new skills that I learnt when creating my double page spread which I have learnt throughout my time in media studies.

In an my article it was very important that I included drop capitals in my  work because it is a clear convention of a magazine article =, and adding them in on in design was a new skill that I learnt. So here is my personal how to drop the capital on in design:

  1. Click on the text box you wish to insert the drop capital onto
  2. Go to paragraph and select style options from the drop down menu
  3. Select drop cap
  4. Enter the number of line in the lines field
  5. Press return to drop the capital

Skills from my Front Cover

I realised that the image i had as my cover image was quite dull and dark and I wanted it to pop out on the page and it wasn’t really doing that. I decided to change the models eyes because she had these beautiful eyes that were not really showing in the image. My teacher then suggested to brighten the models eyes, and I did this and it has made the image look completely different, so I will defiantly be carrying this skill further in the future. This is the tutorial that I used to make the change and it was super helpful:

Moving forward in media studies I hope to learn even more new skills allowing me to create the best work possible for me, by widening my set of media skills.

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