January 15

So… How is it going?

Overall, I am loving media studies so far. It has allowed me to explore so many new and different skills that I didn’t know I initially had. Not only have I learnt so many transferable skills, I have also learnt so many brand new technical skills, in photoshop and indesign. All of these will help me in the future as well as now.

Photoshop and Indesign

  • I have learnt the basics of both indesign and photoshop all the way from editing an image to editing text. This has been very useful in the overall production of my magazine and without being taught many of the skills by people who have a high level of knowledge about editing I think that I would have struggled with this.
  • In these two programs there have been many things which I like to call my ‘go to’s’ which I have used a lot so far. Examples of these include the adjustments tab in photoshop which lets you adjust an image in any way, shape or form and can overall completely change how an image looks. Another skill that have used frequently is the paragraph. This allows me to space all of my work in even rows making my page look professional and neat.

Camera skills

Before taking media I did not really have any knowledge about how to use a camera and all of the things you need to take into account to take the perfect image, however during my first term of media this all changed and I now know all the requirements needed for virtually any condition. Here are some top tips for getting a perfect picture:

  • The Aperture works for the depth of field. If you want the background out of focus then it’s best to have the aperture on 5.6 or below. For a landscape you want it to be 11 and above and finally the middle aperture for a normal image would be 8.
  • The Shutter Speed is also very important. When there is frequent movement in a photo then you want a slow shutter speed, this allows the moving image to be captured in one snap. Hand held = 60 and above. Start point 125.
  • Finally the third component is the ISO. The start point for this is 400 ISO, however id you want a really clear and crisp image the ISO needed is 100 and 2500 + is much ore grainy.

Transferable skills

However, I have learnt more than just technical skills, media has taught me so many valuable life lessons too, which I can carry out in so many situations.

  • TEAMWORK– this is soooooo important in media because you are constantly asking your classmates for there help or advice in class and to me it has proven very useful because it saves me having to ask my teacher. But not only this, when we did our location shoot, major teamwork was required. We had to work in teams to produce lots of images for our magazine and this process ran so smoothly because if the teamwork that was taking place.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT– in media there are so many deadlines to meet, but these deadlines I think are personally what has made me a much more organised person. Before year 12, I was one of those people who would get everything done last minute and not going to lie, it would always end up with me being stressed. However, now I like to be on top of everything and I now find it so much easier to manage everything.
  • GETTING FEEDBACK- finally, I have also learnt how to deal with feedback, in the past sometimes I would take a lot of feedback personally but in media studies you really cannot be like that and I have adapted to this, now I take any feedback I get on board because the person is only trying to help to make my magazine the best that it can be.



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