June 25

Describe Your Audience

As I know from when I have to create my magazine, it is important to consider who your product is targeted at. For my music video, I wanted to aim it at teenagers, mainly men I discovered through looking at my artists main audience, who relate to the song. People who almost feel like they are trapped inside their body, wanting to escape and be free to be who they want to be, even through it may upset some people. I want the video to inspire people its ok to be different and to make that change. The main idea of the video is inspiring people to let go a bit and have fun.

When looking at my audience I took Blumler and Katz ideas of audience profiling into consideration. Blumler and Katz suggested the four reasons, collectively known as Uses and Gratification, this theory described consumers and an active audience. These four are Information, Personal Identity, Social Interaction and Entertainment and I have taken these all into consideration when creating our audience profile and constructing my target audience.

I also took Stuart Hall’s theory of reception Reception theory as developed by Stuart Hall asserts that media texts are encoded and decoded. The producer encodes messages and values into their media which are then decoded by the audience. However, different audience members will decode the media in different ways and possibly not in the way the producer originally intended. Stuart Hall states that audience members adopt one of the following three positions when they decode the text:

  • Dominant – how the producer wants the audience to view the media text.
  • Oppositional Reading – when the audience rejects the preferred reading, and creates their own meaning for the text.
  • Negotiated Reading – a compromise between the dominant and oppositional readings, where the audience accepts parts of the producer’s views, but has their own views on parts as well.

I have taken into account both Blumler and Katz and Stuart Hall’s theory when constructing my audience.

I am excited after exploring the demographics of my target audience because it really gives us something to aim for in terms of style, genre and mise en scene, giving our song a fun, upbeat feel making everyone want to get up and mess about by having fun.

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