June 25

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

Filming a music video is something that is completely new to everyone in my music video, and so this isn’t just something where everything will work and it is important for us to play around with lots of different shots to see what works and what perhaps doesn’t. We explored lots of different idea that we could use as inspiration when filming our (PRACTISE) performance side of our music video.

We explored our genre for the task and studied other music videos of the same genre and came across the conventions used in multiple music videos. We then collated these into an easy access form of a padlet which we could come back to when shooting our performance for further ideas, sticking to our original genres conventions.

Hopefully having these ideas together will help our performance side of the video be the best it can be still sticking and fitting in with our jangle pop genre. Here is our padlet of ideas:

Made with Padlet

These shots are generic to our style of song chosen because all of the shots above are taken from videos of our genre for us to use an inspiration. These shots are conventional for jangle pop music videos because they create a dynamic and active atmosphere and make it feel like the audience is also active in the performance. The quick pace of the editing keeps the song moving and creates a fast pace atmosphere.

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