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My task today was to use Adobe InDesign to remake a magazine cover as close to the original as possible. For this task I was told the basics on how to use the program so the rest of it was left to us to figure out. I was able to change text in most of anyway that I had wanted to and import images.

I have learnt how much InDesign can do and how easy it makes it to create professional looking work.  Before this the best thing I had was Photoshop but now I’ll be able to use this for my magazine and create a higher standard by using both Photoshop and InDesign. I have also learnt that every magazine is the same in someway, this is shown by the masthead, pug, main star and so on. These are the parts in the magazine that you see on everyone. For example the main star is usually the celebrity who is on the front of the magazine. So I have learnt that I must have these same features if I want my Magazine cover to look legit.

The things I’d like to improve on:

  • I do wish that I was able to find the same image as the one used on the original magazine as I had to change the colour on some of the text because it was very hard to see on the new image.
  • Also I think it would have been nice to use the exact same font that was used on the original. But I was unable to find it.
  • The last thing is that I was unable to read some of the text on the magazine because it was to pixelated. So I couldn’t use the original text

What I thought went well:

  • I think that the text is mostly put in the right places and looks like the original.
  • I am happy with what I did for the image as I couldn’t find the original so I had to improvise. But my image seems to fit the theme well.
  • The last good thing was the text for Kasabian. For this I was unable to find the original font so I had to put a second copy of the text behind the first to make it look thicker as this was the problem.


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