Detailed Music Video analysis

Now I have somewhat of an understanding about music videos I am moving on to closely analyse two more music videos. Doing this will allow me to understand anything else I don’t know about music videos.


Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

Chained to the rhythm is about how society has reached a point where everyone does the same thing. There is no originality and people allow them selves to become like robots doing a daily routine.


Click image to see first analysis


A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Say Something

Say something is about loneliness and loss. It explores the feelings of regret, pain and anguish ovr losing someone who is very dear to you, someone you love.

Doing a closer analyse allowed me to get a firmer grasp on on how music videos are made and put together to portray meaning. Chained to the Rhythm’s way of making fun of  pop culture gives a very straight forward method to approaching the audience. While Say Something goes over a matter that affects all types of people in different ways, its much more serious.

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