Green Screen Studio Filming

So that we could learn how green screen and lip syncing is done we went to a facility that had a room specifically for the purpose of using a green screen. Here we learnt how to record in a studio like that and how different lights and position can affect how the green screen will act.

A few things we were told when using a green screen:

  • Don’t wear a shirt that’s the same colour as the green screen
  • Don’t stand too close to the back or you’ll create a shadow
  • Using coloured lights on the back can cause issues as well in post production
  • Having low angle shots or jumping can cause th camera to go over the green screen and in turn make that shot unusable

Below are some screenshots of the session:

Myself and Alex Radford getting ready to be filmed for the lip syncing.

Lewis recording the lip syncing

The class getting an explanation about the equipment.


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