So… How is it going?

In terms of skills that could be used later on when I’m doing whatever I’m doing. I do believe that I have learnt a lot. To start with, before starting media I had no idea how photoshop worked, okay maybe a small amount, but still basically nothing… anyway I have learnt many skills like photo editing, photo manipulation and colour changing. This can help me in many ways for the future. Just having a grasp on how photoshop works can be a big help in many jobs in the future. To start with I have learn’t how to use different hues of colour to change the mood of an image, or how black and white can be used to add emphasis to a picture or make it have a dark feel to it.

I have also learnt skills in Indesign. I have learnt how to put everything together into one group and add in more pages to allow for expansion of the magazine. I’ve also found out how I can use the gradient tool to add some effects and laying to the layout/images

Design Skills 2

Yet again we are back here doing another recap on all that I have learnt during my time in media. So lets get into it, to be honest I haven’t learnt to much more mechanical skill as its just been more of the same stuff as last time. But I have learnt some details about magazine creation, for example magazines have a certain theme that they stick to which allows them to be easily distinguished from others. They do this by not over using other colours, they usually have a main three to four that they would pick from.

Though I haven’t learnt many technical skills I did learnt how to do drop capitals and make boxes have a 3D look to them. This also lead me to learn that many magazines use boxes and drop capitals like this to help highlight bits of text or show the start of a sentence.

I do think things could have gone a lot better if I had just tried to learn a bit more about how the programs work, but I am pleased with how things have come out. I also like how the contents page looks as it gives a simple feeling while having an interesting draw. There are a few things I would do differently though, for one I would like to change the DPS by having a different picture that would allow me to spread my text out a bit more and maybe have a more interesting setup. I would also want to have more pictures of different models doing different things, because as of now it does look a bit strange with just the same two people all over the magazine. I think having pictures of different models would really help to spice things up a bit more.

I do think that the genre is shown quite well in the contents of the magazine, it gives the feel that it is a bit more chaotic while still keeping things neat and together. I also think that some of the images do show a real sense of feeling behind them and that they really show the metal theme in a real way.


Design Skills 1

I have learnt many things about media so far the main being how to target an audience. I have also learnt how to use Photoshop and Indesign in a relatively proficient manner which means I should be able to do set tasks faster in the future due to prier experience. I’ve learnt how to take images out of their background and play with them how I want, changing the lighting, colour, size, smooth it and clear up blotches. In Indesign I have learnt how to manipulate text and change it to how what I want by increasing the size, increasing distance between characters, length of the characters or even just the font. It all has a huge part to play in the creation of a piece of media.

There are a few things that went well I think, like the masthead and cover picture. These are the two biggest parts on the cover. I do think though that if I had another chance to redo the whole thing, I like to of had some more pictures from my shoot to allow for some more draft various to come up. I think this would have helped to allow for more freedom.

If you look closely at magazines there are usually codes embedded in the text and pictures, there for the target audience. I tired to have some hidden meaning behind the subhead “Bound sound”. What I wanted from this is for people to be able to decrypt. It is saying that the cover stars band is breaking up.

Using the burning tool to darken areas.

Using the healing tool.











Using layers to get to different areas easier.












On the second image I am using the burning tool, this is highlighted on the left. The burning tool darkens the area under your cursor. I used the burning tool to help darken the eye liner on her eye lids.

During my time using Photoshop and Indesign I learnt a lot to do with how both of them work. In the first screen shot I am using the healing brush, it is the one highlighted on the left. I used this to get rid of the acne that my models had.

The last image is using layers, these are on the right, they are different colours. I used these to help separate the different parts of the article. This would make it easier in the long run.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

My plan is to take the perfect photo of my model to have my magazine look as professional as possible.

I have learnt a lot since the start of this topic. For example I didn’t have much experience on Photoshop before I was shown how to use it. Also I didn’t know how much preparation goes into taking a picture for a magazine. I’ve learnt that it is not a fast process and that it takes a very long time to get everything together and plan when to do the shoot. I have also learnt the many ways of manipulating the camera around the model to create different meanings. Like when you do a low angle shot it makes the model look powerful.

I’ve learnt about:

  • Costume
  • Makeup
  • Design
  • Lighting
  • Props

I’ve learnt how to utilize and control these aspects to allow for me to meet the image I am looking for.

For my magazine I want to appeal to more than just the people of the genre, but to the people who don’t know about it as well. Some people think of metal as just screaming and worthless sound. I want my magazine to show that it is not just that, but they have more to show. I want my star image to represent confident and bold. I want them to be looked at as someone who is reliable and mature. I will also make sure that I encode my magazine so that my audience can decode it.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

Now after studying different magazines, cameras and how they can be used I believe that I am ready to start my development of my own media. Using all the knowledge I have gathered like, rule of thirds, places for certain things on a magazine and what the audience likes to see. i have also learnt how to use different programs like Photoshop and Indesign. Now I will be able to move towards my own creations and start to create media for other people. Not just consume it.

What I will need to do now is chose my genre of music to do my magazine on, then research about it to find out what people like about them then use that information to see what I’ll need to do to attract them.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

Reflective journal entry on how camera framing and mise-en-scene can represent individuals, groups, events or places. How will this now affect your own approach to planning and design?

I have learnt that an image can share many different meanings and emotions just based on mise-en-scene. I have also learnt about the different groups of people who listen to music and how to aim my magazine at that type of audience. Further more there are many things about magazines that are the same like the masthead, there is always a masthead on the magazine cover. I’ve learnt how to use a camera and what I can do to get the best possible photo that I want.