Below are the two adverts I have included in my magazine. I chose these as they would suit the type of people that would be reading the magazine, I know this from my research I did at the start about a target audience. Metal fans usually like going out and drinking or meeting at gigs, which implies instrument or beer related adds. A lot of the fans of metal also play some kind of instrument, so I decided to have some guitar related adds. One of them is also about a well known band which might catch someones attention as well. Also the second ad has a metal feel to it, like it would attract metal fans due to the soft colours and black guitar.


Complete Magazine Draft

After looking back at my previous attempts for my cover, contents and DPS I have come up with my final attempt before it gets reviewed for any minor tweaking.

Front Cover Please click on the Image to see the pdf

Front Cover please click on the Image to see the pdf

Contents page please click on the Image to see the pdf.

Contents page please click on the Image to see the pdf.

DPS please click on the Image to see the pdf.


Now I have a review on my work (see below) I am able to completely finish my magazine using the targets I have set.


  • Make Masthead and ‘Iron Scythe has gone down’ bigger
  • Make ‘Giving metal its soul back’ more expressive’
  • Have other artists names at bottom of cover


  • Page numbers on images
  • Who are the people in the images and what articles do they relate to
  • Make the sub headings meanings more obvious
  • Make word contents more exciting
  • check typos
  • Page number
  • Make writing aligned
  • Try main cover lines in uppercase
  • Bigger numbers and captions

Double page spread:

  • Who’s written article
  • Page numbers
  • Put Tetsu somewhere
  • Needs headline, who are the people in the images
  • Try first quote tilted
  • First paragraph bolder and no drop capital
  • use drop capital in second paragraph
  • Add some more stuff like the image in the top left of the second page






Draft of Content Page

This is my first attempt at creating a contents page. As you can see there are many things that need to be changed and added. What I have tried to do is keep it somewhat simple while still having an appeal to the people if this genre. I tried using the three main colours of this genre as well, red, black and white. This will hopefully help the whole magazine flow together more easily.

What needs doing:

  • Change the contents banner to be more interesting
  • Add page numbers
  • Make page numbers bigger on the subheadings
  • Maybe mack subheadings capital


What is a Contents Page?

Contents pages usually don’t have too much writing as readers are there to find things that they want to read.  Not read about the articles to find the article they want to read. They are attractive with many images to draw a reader into a page and have small punchy lines to pull peoples attention. The contents page is all about grip and securing the stay of the reader, they set the theme of the magazine. It is the first page the reader looks at to find something interesting, so it must be interesting itself and reflect the feel of the magazine in a whole.


A New Improved DPS

Now after much deliberating and changes I have come up with a new DPS that far out ranks the last. This one might not be my absolute final but it is a step towards it. As you can see I changed a lot, to start with I first changed the text from filler to my actual article which helps to have it flow more. I also added a drop capital to give it more pop. Second is the quotes, the large lines of writing separating the text. I had to do this because no one looks at a large clump of writing and thinks, that looks great!, so I had to add them to keep it looking shorter than it is. Next I added boxes around the text which highlights them and adds structure to the page. After that I added a box with the Q and A within it, this also has a drop shadow on it to make it pop out of the page. This will hopefully give it some texture. The very last thing I added was the picture in the bottom middle. Its not big but it makes it more exciting.


A New Improved Feature Article

So to follow through with the changes that have been made to the draft article for my feature article in the magazine. I have changed a few things including, punctuation, grammar and a few parts here and there where something need some more explaining. I also changed some words to use some more expressive vocabulary. This should help to make it flow better and keep the reader entertained.

Draft Feature Article

I have finished my draft article for my feature article where I just wrote about Alex P. Radford’s life and how he got to where he is now. Alex is the star on the cover of my magazine so i was able to completely make up his story from scratch which helped to speed up the progress of writer once I got started. So now all that is left to do is wait for the person her self, Mrs Cobb to go over the draft and suggest anything that could be corrected.




From what Mrs Cobb has said I now have a few targets to move on:

  • Go through and review punctuation
  • Change some phrasing
  • Open some on the subjects up to expand on Alex’s life some more

To go over a second time to make sure of anything that needs correcting or changing I have gone over it again but this time reading it allowed. My recording of this is below.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

I have now asked my fellow students and teacher about what they like and what they think could do with improving.


  • “Has gone down” The font and the colour blue doesn’t work
  • “Boundsound” Be on a bigger axis. Also make the font bigger
  • Change box to help it stick out
  • Add page numbers


  • Add in the bar code and price
  • Change the font for the cover lines, they don’t really work
  • Add some other band to make it more exciting
  • It all looks a bit messy, try to neaten it up
  • Masthead is very bright and a bit grainy
  • White text doesn’t work


Targets after seeing feedback:

    • Try different fonts for cover lines
    • Add some more bands to make it more interesting
    • Make some “Boundsound” bigger and try different colours
    • Some of the white text doesn’t fit with the theme
    • Add bar code and price