My Tour Poster


Folk albums seem to usually have wide landscapes or a natural looking in the background. Folk is usually seen to be linked with nature so they have a lot of nature in the covers. They can have quite a folky style to them in the fonts but they also have what we see as normal fonts as well. For example the “Green Man” cover has a very Folk like font while the “Folk.” cover has a normal font that you could see anywhere. The colours used for all of them are quite bright giving it a positive view to onlookers. Even the ones that don’t have a photo but just a drawn image look bright even though they don’t have a lot of colours. All of the covers have little writing and but a lot of nature in which will pull in people who like and listen to folk.

Looking at the different posters shows that they all have something in common but try to be different in some way so they can grab the attention of the targeted audience. They also all have something that would interest their audience even if it is a bit different to all the others.


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My poster I think personally is quite good because I think the colours go well together and it still has a sense of being natural. It also focuses on the cover star while keeping the text as an important thing as well. I tried to include the rule of thirds and get important info on the top left or/and the place she is looking, as this is where the audience would look first. But if I was able to change something then I would try to make the star look less pixelated. I would also think about how the text would look on top of the background before I chose the background.

My Magazine Front Page Swede


                                                     My version               


My task today was to use Adobe InDesign to remake a magazine cover as close to the original as possible. For this task I was told the basics on how to use the program so the rest of it was left to us to figure out. I was able to change text in most of anyway that I had wanted to and import images.

I have learnt how much InDesign can do and how easy it makes it to create professional looking work.  Before this the best thing I had was Photoshop but now I’ll be able to use this for my magazine and create a higher standard by using both Photoshop and InDesign. I have also learnt that every magazine is the same in someway, this is shown by the masthead, pug, main star and so on. These are the parts in the magazine that you see on everyone. For example the main star is usually the celebrity who is on the front of the magazine. So I have learnt that I must have these same features if I want my Magazine cover to look legit.

The things I’d like to improve on:

  • I do wish that I was able to find the same image as the one used on the original magazine as I had to change the colour on some of the text because it was very hard to see on the new image.
  • Also I think it would have been nice to use the exact same font that was used on the original. But I was unable to find it.
  • The last thing is that I was unable to read some of the text on the magazine because it was to pixelated. So I couldn’t use the original text

What I thought went well:

  • I think that the text is mostly put in the right places and looks like the original.
  • I am happy with what I did for the image as I couldn’t find the original so I had to improvise. But my image seems to fit the theme well.
  • The last good thing was the text for Kasabian. For this I was unable to find the original font so I had to put a second copy of the text behind the first to make it look thicker as this was the problem.


The Camera Talks



My goal was to get a mood board with nine images that show a story and the but some # on them to show what they are. I think the photos that I chose do show very different stories from on another. So each has a uniqueness to them in some form. I made sure to put the camera in different positions, for example, close ups, long shot, low shot and behind the shoulder. I did this to test out different ways of camera work and see what I could do.

But doing this has really helped to show what I can do and what more I can learn to do. So it has given me more ideas for the future moving on, especially the magazine.

Technical Camera Terms]

Technical Camera Terms (blog post)

While taking these photos I was able to test out many different settings on my camera which will help me in the future with designing and creating a scene. It will also allow me to take photos more effectively and with less time, as I’ll know what to do.

I tried to tell a story with my photos either by looking at people doing work, or by showing life in a innocent way. I did this by changing the shutter speed and using the background to my advantage. I also used different angles and ways to position the camera such as high and low angles, rule of thirds and close ups.

My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.

To select a genre we had to pick a random one out of a hat. As fate would have we got folk. While researching for the mood-board I was able to find out what they wear and what they play which will both help in the magazine that we will be producing later on.


Due to are genre being folk we tried using clothes with quite soft colours and that would blend in with nature. We found out that a lot of folk people wear hats so we got a big floppy hat to add to the aesthetic and give it more depth. We also had are model wear some long necklaces as this was a convention amongst folk women.

My best photo of the shoot we did is the last one on the slide show above. I picked this one as she seems to have a care free expression and looks relaxed. Which is what people think folk people are like. It also has the impression that she likes to go outside and enjoy every moment of the day like what I imagine folk people would be like.

This will help me in the future by helping me see what i need to improve on and be able to show me a bit of what it is like to try and do a photo shoot. So it shows me what to do next time so I’ll be able to do it faster and better next time.

This task has helped me to see how I can use different skills to create a magazine cover that appeals to different types of people. I have found out that that looking at peoples comments and when they were born are both things that will help me out a lot when doing my own things. Being able to research and plan for what I’ll have to do will be able to allow me to have more time to think and look back at what I have done in the future. I have found websites that help aid in the research of looking for different types of people, what they like and how I can appeal to that.



Print Media that Communicates Meaning

Below is a magazine that I have annotated to show what the different parts of it mean. He is made to look like a normal guy through colour, font and image. This makes him seem relatable which makes it easy for the reader to take in. This is essential for me to do as it helps to find out different ways to portray the model I will have in my music magazine. Most of what is in a magazine regarding the layout and how everything looks is related to Mise En Scene. Mise En Scene is basically just how the stage photo or scene is set out and what it means.