Initial song ideas for a video – Mini pitch

MAYDAY – Coldrain

After some thinking and looking around I have decided on doing the song Mayday by Coldrain. Mayday is a metalcore song that is entirely performance based.

When I first heard this song I was completely hooked on it and I believe I have some ideas for what the narrative could hold, though I do believe that I will use a lot of performance. Though since the song doesn’t have any narrative it leaves a wide open door for me to come through and develop my own narrative without anything to be compared to.

  • Betrayal
  • Loneliness
  • Regret
  • Loss
Music video ideas/description

Guy goes through life with his friends but losses them over time as he keeps repeating mistakes. Maybe makes for friends along the way but losses them as well. Carries on then losses is life and begins to lose grip on reality, until he walks through the streets seeing all his past friends around him. Final scene him burning all the pictures of himself and his friends.

The performance will be fast paced and seem very chaotic, but slow down when the second singer comes on. It will slow down but the camera will have more of a stiff movement to it, by moving the camera on the beat.



Take what you got and leave now
You’re wearing out you’re welcome
No one here wants to see you, hear you
Think that you won from day one
But soon the devil will come
You know just why he wants you, don’t you?
Your crooked desire left us in disarray
Misguided, divided it’s a point of no return
You started a fire, you’re gonna watch it burn
Try to save yourself like you always do
Every bridge we build
You think it’s yours to burn it down
Just burn it down
When everything is gone
You’ll wish you only heard us out
Heard us out
Screaming, “mayday”
Act like you’ve only done good
Unfairly misunderstood
Play the victim it’s so you, what’s new?
Lie after lie after lie
We all stopped counting the crimes
You know why we can’t trust you, don’t you?
Your crooked desire left us in disarray
Misguided, divided at the point of no return
You started a fire, you’re gonna watch it burn
Try to save yourself like you always do
Every bridge we build
You think it’s yours to burn it down
Just burn it down
When everything is gone
You’ll wish you only heard us out
Heard us out
Why don’t you choke on yourself
Swallow the hate or just fucking go
You set yourself the world on fire
Rising higher and higher
But there’s nowhere to run
Because all of the bridges burned
All you are is a fucking monster
A walking disaster
You touch it, you break it, you kill it
Just like a cureless cancer
Every bridge we build
You think it’s yours to burn it down
When everything is gone
You’ll wish you only heard us out
Heard us out
Every bridge we build
You think it’s yours to burn it down
Just burn it down
When everything is gone
You’ll wish you only heard us out
Heard us out
Screaming, “mayday”

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Today I have created a short lip sync video to the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Being able to lip sync well and edit the footage to the song as well is a vital skill that needs to be obtained if you want to create a music video. That is why we as a class went out and did some lip syncing to understand how it works and how important it is to get a star who fits the voice and attitude of the song. There is also sometimes a problem of people over pronouncing the word which makes in look unrealistic and brings down the emergent factor.

I used Premiere Pro to edit together my video and when using it I made sure to develop my skills while using some of the tools. One of which is the marking tool, it allows me to mark a place on the cut and the be abel to snao any clip to that marker. It allows me to easily sink up the video with the voice which helps with the realism of the video.

What I would change or add on if I were to do it again:

  • The most notable thing that I’d like to do next time is actually use the green screen. As it is obviously shown through the whole performance there is a green screen on the background. Using the green screen might allow for a more interesting video.
  • Next I would add some transitions to allow for a smoother cut between clips as well as keeping the audience interested.
  • The room with the green screen was a little small so it can be noted that people were cut out from time to time as if the camera moved in certain ways then it might show the roof or an area with out the green screen. They is also some shadows from the stars that fall onto the green screen at the back. If I had used the green screen then this might have posed an issue.

Though there are obvious flaws I am still responsibly happy with how the video cam out, I would obviously like it to be better. But now after creating my first lip sync video, I have a rough idea of what comes with it. So next time I’ll be able to come up with something much more interesting and polished.

Green Screen Studio Filming

So that we could learn how green screen and lip syncing is done we went to a facility that had a room specifically for the purpose of using a green screen. Here we learnt how to record in a studio like that and how different lights and position can affect how the green screen will act.

A few things we were told when using a green screen:

  • Don’t wear a shirt that’s the same colour as the green screen
  • Don’t stand too close to the back or you’ll create a shadow
  • Using coloured lights on the back can cause issues as well in post production
  • Having low angle shots or jumping can cause th camera to go over the green screen and in turn make that shot unusable

Below are some screenshots of the session:

Myself and Alex Radford getting ready to be filmed for the lip syncing.

Lewis recording the lip syncing

The class getting an explanation about the equipment.


Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Now after analysing some professional music videos I am now going to to chose a former students music video and talk about why I like or not.

I have chosen Feel “Good Inc” by Jamie Hewlett, Brian Burton, Damon Albarn, and Dave Jolicoeur

I really like this piece as it creates an easy understanding of the contexts and themes of the song. Its editing is well done with the closeups and long shots syncing well together. It really creates the feeling that the second singer is going mad with power. It has a kind of pull that attracts the audience. I saw that the lip syncing on the first singer wasn’t great but the voice and syncing on the second was very well done. The voice fit the person perfectly. He also did a really good job acting and showing he’s a moron with a lot of power.

Detailed Music Video analysis

Now I have somewhat of an understanding about music videos I am moving on to closely analyse two more music videos. Doing this will allow me to understand anything else I don’t know about music videos.


Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

Chained to the rhythm is about how society has reached a point where everyone does the same thing. There is no originality and people allow them selves to become like robots doing a daily routine.


Click image to see first analysis


A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Say Something

Say something is about loneliness and loss. It explores the feelings of regret, pain and anguish ovr losing someone who is very dear to you, someone you love.

Doing a closer analyse allowed me to get a firmer grasp on on how music videos are made and put together to portray meaning. Chained to the Rhythm’s way of making fun of  pop culture gives a very straight forward method to approaching the audience. While Say Something goes over a matter that affects all types of people in different ways, its much more serious.

Music Video Form & Conventions

Please click image to see full document


From doing this analysis on these music videos I have find out that there is much more to music videos than being entertaining. I have realized that there are many messages in the mise-en-scene of music videos and that they usually all link back to the theme of the song. I also found out about the different type of music video, such as performance and narrative. These are the two main types but yo can also combine them to have a mix which is what a lot of people do. Also music videos are used to promote the stars music so they are able to get as much money as possible.

I now understand how conventions like editing to the beat and lip-syncing can create interesting and inspiring parts for the audience which would promote the star and lead to more money coming in. Each music video usually have their own style as well which is seen through the conventions mentioned before, these also tell you whether it is narrative or performance. Both narrative and performance can create really alluring videos if they are done right. Narrative can keep the audiences attention and be used to show the themes easier. But performance can be used to create an exciting video, it doesn’t have many themes but can still be appealing to a different type of audience. You can also link the two types together to create a something exciting and interesting while still keeping the themes and conventions.

Different genres of music usually have their own colour scheme and styles as well. You could look at a metal music video and be able to tell its metal just from its look. For example pop is usually quite bright and has a pastel look to it. They can have bright colours and interesting fashion designs.


Prelim Task Mood Montage

For my first task in our next component I was told to create a 40 second montage, with a selected group member, on one of the chosen themes given to use. Mine was “The best things in life are free”, to make this into a montage we decided on getting clips of people doing things that make  themselves or others happy. Below are some questions we were asked to reflect on:

1. Do you think your montage has an impact?

I don’t think my montage came together as anything that could inspire or create much of an impact. I believe it gets the point across and keeps it interesting but it doesn’t create much impact.

2. Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

My montage didn’t have much of a story to it, it just had a bunch of nice clips thrown together. It didn’t really follow a set plot.

3. How does one specified cut create meaning?

Looking at all the cuts together I believe the one that creates the most meaning and links back to the theme would be at 28 seconds. This is a clip of two friends meeting up and preforming their own hand shake. This shows they’ve known each other for a while and have a strong connection and friendship is free.

4 .Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

My montage doesn’t really have any specific plot or progression, its more about the individual clip than the thing as a whole.

5. Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

We managed to go without repeating any shots as we had enough to cover the time. I think that if we did have duplicate shots then it might take away from the genuine feeling of kindness I want it to have.

6. What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

If I had more time and could add some more shots in then I would like to get some more intimate shots, such as people holding hands or hugging, as love is free.