Social Media page Draft 1

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Our Social Media Page was definitely a little ambitious from the start, but now after following it through, start to finish I am very please with how it turned out. It fits into our themes really well and displays a large interest in audience interaction which far exceeds the amount needed, through the use of games. Many of our posts are a like teasers to the next post as it all fits together well while staying into touch with our quirky sense of humor. My favorite post is definitely the blooper real as it holds a strong audience engagement as it acts as a medium for fans to see what we are like beyond the stars they know. There are obviously some things that could have done with polishing but as ambitious as this was to start with I feel going any further would become a little over that.

Teacher Feedback \/\/\/ (to be obtained)


Banner/profile picture and name

Blooper real

Image tease of what’s to come

Poll of what people want to see


First part of the game (encrypted message)

Promotion of live events/charity

Another piece of the game (more encrypted code)

Last post of game

Game ends but leaves something else for viewers to look forward to

Timeline and Marketing ideas

Before we started creating posts on Twitter decided it would be smart to use a slide show to present our posts as it would be very hard to change things after they had been uploaded. So first we created what each post would have contents wise then put them in the order that suited our ideas best. We wanted to create an experience that out viewership could follow and interact with, this is an alternate reality game (ARG). This concept is not used very often but is still know as a viable and conventional method used audience interaction. 21 Pilots also used this method in June 2020 to promote their new single “Level of Concern”. While we want to use thing that can be seen as different we still want to mix traditional band social media elements to allow it to relate to other pages.


Audience interaction with a social media page – an analysis

Creating a social media page can be a bit of a task when trying to figure out what will work with the genre and what might attract peoples attention. As we are suppose to create a social media page fit for a band we shouldn’t do anything that strays too far away from conventional methods as this could push people away. So we needed to look at some examples, and for this we chose “Mother Mother”. We found out that many posts created by Mother Mother were translated across most other band’s social media as well. This consisted of posts advertising their merch and and links to live concerts and new albums.

Below is a video looking into their page and how it presents its self as conventional and unconventional from different aspects:


Social Media Page Terminology

So today we spent time looking into Mother Mother’s facebook profile to try and understand what makes a good social media. How they attract a larger audience and keep people interested in what they’re doing. To find out what they do we need to look at the various aspects of a facebook page and how Mother Mother uses them to empathize their brand. We need to look at the profile pic, banner, photos/posts, links and their bio.


Digipak Draft 3

While designing our third draft we focused on the past feedback given to make sure it can be as perfected as possible, this included, doing drop shadows to give it more depth, filling empty spce where the paper might be, adding documents on the front and placing in a barcode. There are still some spaces that are a bit empty but its hidden by the fold of the case or the CD its self, the paper is also not the primary focus so it doesn’t need to be as flamboyant as everything else. There are still some parts that could use more work but on the bright side the copyright text and barcode help it to seem less empty and it doesn’t look to out of place. But now we have to find out if our digipak actually looks like the genre we present our selves as, this called for a servey which was done by sending it to a bunch of people and having them guess the genre from the multiple choices. When choosing the other answers we tried to go with something that wasn’t completely different as that would adversely affect the results of the test. 





After some time a few results came in and it seemed like our digipak was doing wonders for our genre, granted it was only three people but we can’t really expect much more.

To finish our digipak now all it will take is turning it into an actual physical CD case, how authentic.


Below are the PDF’s of the images/designs:






Digipak Draft 2

Due to covid 19 I had to take some time off school which means some of the drafts might be different to other people within our group.

In this draft we have added the coffee stains and a bit more texture on the front and back for some interest. We also included some text and images onto the sheets in the middle to give it some life and help create an authentic feeling.



Please click the image to see the PDF’s


Please click the image to see the PDF’s

Please click the image to see the PDF’s


Please click the image to see the PDF’s



Main points:

  • Look at doing drop shadows to give it more depth
  • Add some dirtiness to the back to keep in consistent with the front
  • Add some documents coming out the sides on the front
  • Finish adding text onto plain paper
  • Add barcode and copyright info on back
  • Makes sure we add something to the spines

In summary we just need to go over the details and add anything thats missing. We have the main themes and concepts, all we need to do now is polish and present it.


Digipak Draft 1

Today we have the first draft of the digipak in full view bellow



Please click the image to see the PDF’s


Please click the image to see the PDF’s


Please click the image to see the PDF’s


So our plan was to have the digipak look like a folder, so it would have files inside, but we haven’t put the files in yet. But other than that I think it’s shows what we want.

Self assessment time.

What looks good:

  • Using different paper rather than just white adds good contact between them
  • Lighting and shadow looks natural
  • small details like the paper clip adds a nice colour difference between the brown and white
  • Using post it note on pack for song list allows it to fit with the theme
  • Really gives a conspiracy feel when looking through it

How can it be better:

  • Fill in plain paper with writing and images that fit together
  • Add coffee stains to help it seem authentic
  • Make it look like a used file rather than fresh out the draw
  • Add barcode


Assessment Criteria


Selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates.

So we wanted to go with a confidential feel which I think the mise-en-scene communicated very well. Using the word ‘Confidential’ on the front of the folder makes it obvious but it also looks professional, like its a real case file. The inside will (not in yet) really cements the idea of a confidential file by using real copyright free files the FBI had. The back is done very simply, only with a post it note, which separates it from the rest of the digipak and makes you want to go bak inside. We used the post it note to display the songs which kept the main theme and gave it a little bit more visual appeal on the back without taking away from the inside.


Use of camera and Photoshop to take & manipulate engaging images.

We didn’t do much with the shoot in terms of technicality as it was just a folder on a table with a light. We took many shots from different angles and different props layered on top of one another. We also tried a lot of different lighting to see what would look most natural and allow easy use of photoshop with our selected images.


Creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and  use colour / typefaces

We don’t use much typeface but we do have a bit on the front and back. On the front we wanted text that looked like it had been stamped on, so we chose a grungy font that would fit the look of a stamp. We then used some grunge images to overlay on top of the folder which helps to make it seem handled. We also did handwritten as this would give it a handle look as well. In all I am very happy with how the text has come out, on both the front and back.


In the end I am happy with what we’ve done and I do think more can be done and things can be improved. But I think we are heading in the right direction.