Design Skills 2

It is now time for the final design skills post and I have learnt quite a bit as people have come in to talk to use and while editing I have discovered new things.

The Mark In and Mark Out tool allows you to trim a clip without having to put it timeline, it helps to take what you need out without the extra parts you don’t want. It allows for a lot of time saving.


During one of our lessons someone came in from Specsavers to talk about different techniques and help people with different ways of editing. When he talked to our group he explained and showed us how to do Animations on top of clips, so we could do an animated tear on top of our actor as if he were crying, if we wanted to. This just adds some interest and causes it to seem more professional.











The final piece of editing I learnt was Filters. Filters can be used to change the hue of a clip, whether you want it being a seductive red or a cold blue. It can be used to emphasise the feeling of the scene or help portray the themes.

Design Skills 1

I have learnt a great many things since the start of the project, these are listed below:

Adobe Premiere

  • One such thing is cropping which can be used to cut out parts of the clips you don’t want or need. Many of our clips had bits of the blank wall on the sides which we needed to crop out to not break the set.








  • The razor tool allows for easy cutting of clips, rather than trimming it all the way down or getting two of the same clip out you can just cut one in half. So if you need to slot a clip in between another you can easy cut it in half and create the gap you need.




  • One other tool is markers, this allows you to set markers on different clips or have them free along the top. These markers can be written on and used as a connecting point for clips. This makes it easy to remember specific time stamps as well as keep notes for future editing.



Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Today I have created a short lip sync video to the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

Being able to lip sync well and edit the footage to the song as well is a vital skill that needs to be obtained if you want to create a music video. That is why we as a class went out and did some lip syncing to understand how it works and how important it is to get a star who fits the voice and attitude of the song. There is also sometimes a problem of people over pronouncing the word which makes in look unrealistic and brings down the emergent factor.

I used Premiere Pro to edit together my video and when using it I made sure to develop my skills while using some of the tools. One of which is the marking tool, it allows me to mark a place on the cut and the be abel to snao any clip to that marker. It allows me to easily sink up the video with the voice which helps with the realism of the video.

What I would change or add on if I were to do it again:

  • The most notable thing that I’d like to do next time is actually use the green screen. As it is obviously shown through the whole performance there is a green screen on the background. Using the green screen might allow for a more interesting video.
  • Next I would add some transitions to allow for a smoother cut between clips as well as keeping the audience interested.
  • The room with the green screen was a little small so it can be noted that people were cut out from time to time as if the camera moved in certain ways then it might show the roof or an area with out the green screen. They is also some shadows from the stars that fall onto the green screen at the back. If I had used the green screen then this might have posed an issue.

Though there are obvious flaws I am still responsibly happy with how the video cam out, I would obviously like it to be better. But now after creating my first lip sync video, I have a rough idea of what comes with it. So next time I’ll be able to come up with something much more interesting and polished.