Song shortlist and moodbards

Above is each of our two pitches for the music video that we wanted from our own ideas that we had to present to each other and choose one. My pitch was the orange slide which was ‘On My Mind by Jorja Smith’ which I chose because I think it has a really good beat to edit with and is up-beat so has good energy. The only problem I had with this was the narrative, the song expresses her freedom from a guy who didn’t treat her right and she has only just realised that he was not good for her and she is now liberated. And for this, I didn’t want to follow a relationship/couple narrative as that is very generic and can be a bore to most audiences.

Victoria’s pitch was a song called ‘Blue Lights’ by the same artist- Jorja smith, Victoria had a rough idea on what to do, in which I helped her develop so that we have a mix of both our ideas in the second presentation. The narrative compliments the performance and they later on linkĀ  in the video.

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