Pitch and Feedback

We have presented our final pitch to our teacher so that we can get her feedback to improve our ideas further and have someone else’s point of view.

Summary of feedback:

  • Some props that we want such as an old TV can be found down at the Guernsey dump.
  • We need to get all of our mise-en- scene ready early on so that we are prepared.
  • To add a change and more of an interesting video we could have two performance locations.
  • The performer in the narrative could be committing different crimes throughout so there’s no distinctive crime which could get boring.
  • Need to cut a bit out of the song so that it’s not that long as it will make it a lot harder and longer for us to create.


  • To cut part of the song out
  • Think of a new location where she can perform
  • Think of what props we need and exactly hat locations we can access.

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