Test Shoots

Here is a 20 second clip from our song choice that we have filmed and edited to so that we have a greater understanding of the tone and rhythm of the song. Also, we tested editing in Premiere pro to learn how to edit and find new ways of getting the genre we want through post production. Our aim for this 20 second video was to test out what angles looked great and which ones didn’t in preparation for filming our performance of the video.

What I think went well, whilst making it was:

  • The editing as we managed to find a way of making the footage look retro and glitch-like, which is the look that we are going for as it’s more visually interesting.
  • The use of the camera and getting different angles to keep the audience entertained.
  • The transitions were in time with the music therefore editing to the beat was successful.
  • I really liked the hand-held camera shot at the very end because it made it seem more down to earth and urban.

A few things that were not good were:

  • In one of the clips my lip syncing was off so it looks unconventional to the music.
  • Still more angles to explore such as high angle and panning shot.
  • The first clip is quite long and boring and could have an effect or edit over it to create a visually entertaining piece.

Overall, I think that we have learnt many camera and editing skills, however, still have so much more we could learn to be able to make the music video to the best quality it can be. Therefore, my targets for when we are making the video are to explore more with camera shots, get interesting angles and to make sure we shoot for coverage- this last target is very important as we made the mistake of only getting a short clip of one of the angles and then found out that we actually needed more of it, this task helped us to realise how important coverage is.

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