Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

Lenny Lenfesty, a professional from Specsavers came into our lesson to help educate us further on the software of Premiere┬áPro. But, so that he could help us with specific aspects we presented our pitch and ideas for our music video and what we can mainly do in post-production like creating the glitch effect. One idea that we needed his help developing was our idea to overlap two shots to convey the idea that the character’s head is messed up and is confused, which he showed us how to do so which was an effect called ‘echo’ and the outcome looked really effective; as you can see a screenshot of us testing with the movement in the frame.

After listening and contributing to our ideas, Lenny gave us feedback and targets on what we should and shouldn’t do:

  • Make sure you have a story for the narrative because it will help you with the costume, the way they look and what they do, whether for example if it’s a drug related crime etc.
  • In Premiere pro there’s an effect called ‘echo’ that you can apply to your footage and will give you an overlapping effect.
  • Play around with the colour of our footage on Premiere Pro as it can make it seem more relative to the genre and fits into predicted pleasure for the audience.
  • Maybe with the narrative we could have the character barging through the door really quickly; which can be a handheld camera shot and will look great as it will create a fast pace which will juxtapose with the performance.

I have researched some videos on YouTube to see what other effects on Premiere Pro we could use to get better results and be more visually interesting for the audience:

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