Genre Conventions Analysis

In this presentation, we have explored the conventions of the R&B genre so that we have a better understanding of what it truly stands for and the type of clothing, behavior and style the posses. To do so, we have also looked into other videos of the same genre that has similar attributes to what we want to include in our music video, such as the artist RAYE who includes interesting mise-en-scene and has the style we like, however we noticed that her style is too bright and we were going for a more rural and mediocre style and not a materialistic video.

Overall, this has helped us gain deeper knowledge about the genre and are now ready to make sure that every detail that we put into the performance shoot has to represent R&B down to the last detail, such as things like nail polish and hairbands left on the performers wrists, as a professional music video would not condemn this. We have thought about the repertoire of elements that would be typically conventional to our artist, such as having a carefree, independent attitude.

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