Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Overall, I am very pleased with how our performance shoot went due to the time it took, the performance of our star and the shots we took.

The mise-en-scene was perfect as everyone bought all of the costumes, makeup-up and things that we needed to create the star image that we planned. Moreover, I am very happy with the variety of shots that we got such as the close ups, long and mid shots, however we also managed to get a couple of tracking shots to convey a more professional approach in our video by using the tracking device; where the camera screws in to the top and you are then able to slide the camera side to side to get a very smooth effect.

We challenged the concept of the 180 degree rule as we filmed her on the bed and then filmed her at the window, however I think this creates a more realistic feeling as you forget they are just standing in front of a camera and really imagine the story that she’s trying to tell to the audience. Here are the images of theses two shots below:

Although we had a storyboard to follow, we kept it in mind and knew the shots that we wanted and needed to get, so we played around with shots and angles as we kept getting new ideas and wanted to experiment to try and get the best footage we could possibly get. Furthermore, we needed to film for coverage so we made sure that the main shots (close up, mid and long shot) were sang all the way through the song, so that if we wanted to edit and use a particular part we will have the footage.

A fault that we came across was the footage/shots that we missed out. We wanted to get a super close up of her on the phone with just the her lips and the phone in it when the voice in the music sounds electronic and muffled.  Also, the only other shot that we talked about getting and didn’t was the idea of her rolling over and the camera follows her eyes all the way round. However, this shot could have gone wrong very easily as it would have to be done quickly and hand held; therefore could become very messy-looking and unprofessional.

In conclusion to our overall performance shoot, it turned out to be very successful and no shots that we have need to be retaken as they have great lighting and quality.

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