Performance Rough Cut- Draft 1



I have included a rough cut of all our good clips from the shoot and put them into Premiere Pro to roughly cut together so we can see all of the shots and angles that we got, and so that we can clearly see what shots we are missing. What I noticed was the missing shot of the super close up of her on the phone, however, this (luckily) can be easily be filmed anywhere as it is just focusing on the phone and her lips. So, to prevent this when we are shooting for our narrative we will bring a list with all of the shots we want to get so we won’t forget and therefore will be organised.

Also, another thing that after watching this video of the rough cut we noticed that at moments in this close up of her singing, it can be a bit wobbly at times as it was hand held because it was by the window to get excellent lighting but the tripod wouldn’t fit in the point of view that we wanted. As you can see below we checked in Premiere Pro and found the fault of the non-static camera, however, there are moments of still in the clip, which we can use as the screenshot shows:

We have enough coverage of our footage thanks to doing the test shoot, where we didn’t film all angles with performing the whole song- which is where we went terribly wrong. This is because we then wanted to use certain lines of the song with the angles we didn’t have. So, we made sure that each angle was filmed throughout the entire song, and it resulted in having enough coverage.

Our targets that we have thought about and need more reflection on are:

  • To come prepared of what specific shots we need (listed?).
  • Make sure shots that need to be static are on a tripod.
  • To get as many shots of detailed shots that we can that show reactions/emotion.
  • To know what costume is needed so that we can be organised for the shoot.
  • Make sure that we get enough coverage when filming for the narrative.


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