Draft 2- includes Narrative


This is our second draft of the music video, and a lot has changed since our first draft which were just cuts of the performance with no music, we have also added in the narrative to it that we have filmed recently so that we now editing both the narrative and performance shows that the video’s coming together; which you can see in the video above. However the blank parts in the video still needs to be filled in by other footage that has not been filmed yet- which is of the actor getting dark treacle poured over him throughout the video to represent the paranoia taking over him.

The elements that I like and think we did well were:

  • The rythm of the editing to music
  • Lip syncing was in time
  • Good variation of shots
  • Clarity of footage
  • Great representation of paranoia by using different angels to capture reaction.
  • 1:22-1:26 shows good editing to create a sense of anger

And what I didn’t like:

  • Needs more fast pace editing when it comes to him killing the man etc
  • To put in the long shot of her walking to the curtains
  • Some performance shots are too long and may lose the interest of the audience
  • At 1:20 minutes the camera gets knocked
  • Need to get the footage of the performer on the phone and the scenes of him being covered in treacle
  • The editing of 2:28 to 2:35 needs to bet cut faster as it needs to be a panic and a high pace scene.

Overall, my targets that need to be more focused on are to get the missing treacle footage shot, and of her on the phone as soon as possible so that we don’t waste all our time editing without all the shots.

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