Shoot Evaluation- Narrative

Overall, reflecting back on the shoot, I think that we were very organised in the sense of: time, locations, props and the footage we got.  Also making sure that we stuck to the 180 degree rule and used the rule of thirds in the majority of our shots so that we can gain the best outcome to our abilities.

Throughout the year of learning about cinematography, it has enabled both of us to understand how to make a video more intriguing to the target audience; such as communicating meaning so that they want to end up watching more of it, this is why we have made sure to film many shots and angles of him looking worried to make the audience wonder and ask ‘why?’.

Below are images that I took on the shoot that show a great example of distances that we used to make sure our video didn’t consist of just the same angles; as it would seem repetitive and would lose the interest of our audience.



  • Tripods leg broke so had some shaky footage
  • Could do with more match on action shots i.e when he reads the threatening note
  • The camera wasn’t screwed in properly therefore wobbled now and then (however only affected a few shots)


  • Good variation of angles and shots
  • Followed our story board
  • We got coverage and filmed more than we needed just in case

Targets: Our main target that we discussed was to check all the equipment is not faulty before we take it out filming for when we film the treacle scene which we plan to show flashes of throughout the music video to represent the paranoia.

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