Audience Ideologies

To make sure we cater for our audience we have deeply researched the type of person that would love our music video, and what reasons they have for consuming media such as Instagram and YouTube. Theorists that understood this important factor were Blumler and Katz who explained that there were four uses and gratifications, their theory further illustrates an active audience and  four reasons for why and how people consume media, which are: Information, Personal Identity, Social Interaction and entertainment. Therefore, I have looked on a site that I have previously used called YouGov and searched for the typical people that would enjoy R&B and the site Instagram, In which you can see the outcome below, where they are a female between the ages of 18-24 that live mainly around urban areas such as London/Manchester/Brighton etc:

After researching this, I have created a fake dating profile of the typical audience, and have included what they like, their passions such as her favourite music (which is our genre) and primary information. Stuart Hall was a theorist that discussed how the audience can reject the ideas if they strain too far from the typicality of the genre, this is called ‘Oppositional’, however when the ideas are accepted is is labelled ‘Preferred’, so in result of this theory I have made sure that I take in what ideas that would be rejected by the audience, such as; if the music video had more heavy rock themes rather than R&B.


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