Draft 3

Many things have improved in this video due to the constant learning of how to create effects and edits for the video, so what we have added (clip-wise) is the footage of the treacle being poured on him so that the metaphor of paranoia can be produced. Our teacher also commented on the previous draft explaining that the narrative was quite confusing because you don’t see who he murdered so we put in the footage of the victim walking past and Harry watching him as we found as it made more logical sense. (You can see this at 2:09).

Another element of the feedback that we considered, was the point that the audience don’t really have enough time to see the clip of the screwdriver as we didn’t put in a slower close up in the previous drafts, nevertheless, we made sure to put it in in this draft (3) to show improvement of the video- and now watching it, it works really well and is more clear. this can be found at 2:13.

Also, we have put in many effects to make the video look more interesting, such as the overlapping echo effect, a grain effect to show his mind isn’t clear, and created a glitch to represent that somethings wrong and that reality is distorted for him.

To truly understand the pros and cons of our video we have had peers to comment below what they think works well and what could be improved; hearing their views has made me realise a few things, such as maybe the metaphor of the paranoia (treacle) covering isn’t quite as clear as we thought it would be. On the other hand, we have had many comments about the editing to the beat and about the strong performer really makes you believe she’s singing.

(Click on images to see more clearly) 

After reading these, I have now created personal targets which are:

  • Continue with the editing to captivate audience
  • Look at different fonts for the text over the video ‘needs to be more distinct’
  • Need to think about how I can make the metaphor more clear
  • Need to fill in the rest of the video as we have not fully completed it yet.

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