Teacher feedback

Our teacher has watched our 2nd draft of our music video to give us feedback on the elements of it that needs more developing and the parts that we have done well, knowing this enables us to reflect back on the video from another person’s point of view.


What went well:

What needs improving/ideas to enhance video:

  • Quite a fast opening, a lot to take in
  • Good close ups
  • Could get Harry closer to Sal to show a connection
  • More reference to lights
  • Blue bin in the way of running shot of Harry
  • 180 degree rule almost is not applied in a few shots
  • Start with a close up or some angle that gives a connection to Sal and the audience
  • Is the text supposed to be there? If so, is it conventional?
  • Beautifully framed
  • Quality of harry close up doesn’t appear as good as the other shots (which is because of a grainy effect)
  • Harry is a bit smiley in one of the shots
  • Slow down the clip of Sal  
  • Good cuts for pace
  • Needs match on action- he was past the bin last time
  • Strong performer
  • She knows the lyrics well 
  • More cuts nearer the end to create energy
  • More lip gloss needed on the close up
  • For the shot of him stabbing, need to get in there and create fast pace
  • Getting the shot of the police car is brilliant and very conventional
  • Need a recurring theme of blue lights
  • Good narrative but needs more cut to reaction and match on action
  • Need a long shot of her, as it is all very stationary
  • Sal in streets by her self singing?

Now after reading and going over these comments, we understand that we need to figure out whether we need another shoot to get in more blue lights and more shots to cut to; or we could just improve our editing skills in Premiere Pro, so for example we can play around with the colours of the clips and maybe add a blue light effect. However, if we don’t know how to do this, we can research tutorials on YouTube. 

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