Evaluation of Web Design and Application

For the making of our website we used the software called Wix. Even though we had no experience with this website maker, it was easy to use and we were able to pick up new skills without having any lessons, this was not a problem because the website gave a mini tutorial and was very simple to use; in which we experimented. Before you start making the website its asks you a short series of questions like ‘What type of site do you want to create?’ it then gave us a choice from a drop down bar- which we selected ‘Musician’. What this does is put forward the templates that they think will be most suitable for our purpose and give more tailored options.

Below you can see the layout of what the site looks like when we are editing, there are many tools on either side that we have experimented with.

An example of a tool that helped towards making our site come across as more professional is after adding an image we clicked on the background on the left side of the Editor, went on Settings on the background- then image preview. We clicked the toggle next to ‘Parallax’ to enable. The effect this had was when you scroll down the image moves upward therefore giving the illusion that you are scrolling far away from it.

We decided to keep the purple colour theme consistent throughout the whole website because it creates predictable pleasure and follows the blueprint conducted for our brand as explained by Rick Altman. Below is a snippet of the tour page which you can see the purples, blacks and whites are all present.

Overall, I think that Wix has been very useful due to it being easy to comprehend and get used to, the only issue we came across was when we put the social media bar at the top right we didn’t realise that it was hanging off half the page, this made the site wider and looked unprofessional. However, to solve this we moved it more to the left and made sure it was defiantly on the page.

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