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To understand what we can improve on our website, we have asked our peers to give us feedback. What this has enabled us to do is get a different person’s thoughts and comments; which let’s us improve the site from the view of many different people. These people also included R&B fans, therefore, having feedback from our target audience is extremely valuable and helpful; so that we can change it to suit their needs. The feedback had many positive elements about it however, below, I have just included the negatives so we can focus on them for development:

  • The social media bar is hanging half off the page which creates extra blank space which lets you scroll to the side.
  • The font on the front and the tour page are slightly different
  • You could link the star’s social media to the artist that actually sings the song.
  • Maybe include your brand’s mission statement.
  • Instead of using white for the tittles, I think using a different shade of purple would improve the aesthetics of the page.
  •  For one of the pages you could use a picture other than the star for the background so that it’s not too much of her face as you also have the ‘Gallery’ section that shows loads of good quality pictures of the artist.

Taking these critical comments into consideration, we have amended the faults; such as the social media link bar being halfway off of the page. This would only be an error if a person was to go onto the website on their phone, and due to are target audience being of a younger age they are more likely to be using a phone rather than a computer. When the social media links are clicked on, it will take the person to the original artist’s profile, which shows that they have thousands of followers. Nonetheless, both are now considered on the website to make sure the target audience’s needs are met.

We haven’t included the brand’s mission statement as we have discussed that it because it is quite long it may lose the viewer’s interest. So, in result of this we have used the combination of less text and more image to create a better  aesthetic for the viewer and makes it less confusing to navigate what they are looking for.

On the ‘Tour’ page we added in a different background, however the colour scheme and conventions were kept as it was people at a concert that has purple lights projecting onto them. Doing this, addressed the comment that suggested we should use another picture than the star. The impact that this has had on our final product is it broke up the constant images of the star and her being pushed into the the viewer’s faces.


Here is the Final Draft (Click image to go to the website):

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