Creative Critical Reflection 2

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

Victoria and I have created a explanatory video voiced over our final draft of our music video to depict what we have done to create our brand and it’s identity.  We discuss how small representations, such as, the character’s costume and makeup work together to link the music video, Digi pack and website.



Web Page Development

To understand what we can improve on our website, we have asked our peers to give us feedback. What this has enabled us to do is get a different person’s thoughts and comments; which let’s us improve the site from the view of many different people. These people also included R&B fans, therefore, having feedback from our target audience is extremely valuable and helpful; so that we can change it to suit their needs. The feedback had many positive elements about it however, below, I have just included the negatives so we can focus on them for development:

  • The social media bar is hanging half off the page which creates extra blank space which lets you scroll to the side.
  • The font on the front and the tour page are slightly different
  • You could link the star’s social media to the artist that actually sings the song.
  • Maybe include your brand’s mission statement.
  • Instead of using white for the tittles, I think using a different shade of purple would improve the aesthetics of the page.
  •  For one of the pages you could use a picture other than the star for the background so that it’s not too much of her face as you also have the ‘Gallery’ section that shows loads of good quality pictures of the artist.

Taking these critical comments into consideration, we have amended the faults; such as the social media link bar being halfway off of the page. This would only be an error if a person was to go onto the website on their phone, and due to are target audience being of a younger age they are more likely to be using a phone rather than a computer. When the social media links are clicked on, it will take the person to the original artist’s profile, which shows that they have thousands of followers. Nonetheless, both are now considered on the website to make sure the target audience’s needs are met.

We haven’t included the brand’s mission statement as we have discussed that it because it is quite long it may lose the viewer’s interest. So, in result of this we have used the combination of less text and more image to create a better  aesthetic for the viewer and makes it less confusing to navigate what they are looking for.

On the ‘Tour’ page we added in a different background, however the colour scheme and conventions were kept as it was people at a concert that has purple lights projecting onto them. Doing this, addressed the comment that suggested we should use another picture than the star. The impact that this has had on our final product is it broke up the constant images of the star and her being pushed into the the viewer’s faces.


Here is the Final Draft (Click image to go to the website):

Creative Critical Reflection 3

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

To answer this question, we have created a video in the theme of ‘The Apprentice’ which include:

  • Who are target audience are
  • Their ideologies and Values, attitudes and beliefs
  • The focus of the message that is being encoded to the audience
  • Our brand identity
  • Mission statement
  • The design / content of our three products and how they fulfill our audience’s uses and gratifications
  • How the products speak to the audience and try to create a relationship with them
  • Distribution and marketing


Evaluation of Web Design and Application

For the making of our website we used the software called Wix. Even though we had no experience with this website maker, it was easy to use and we were able to pick up new skills without having any lessons, this was not a problem because the website gave a mini tutorial and was very simple to use; in which we experimented. Before you start making the website its asks you a short series of questions like ‘What type of site do you want to create?’ it then gave us a choice from a drop down bar- which we selected ‘Musician’. What this does is put forward the templates that they think will be most suitable for our purpose and give more tailored options.

Below you can see the layout of what the site looks like when we are editing, there are many tools on either side that we have experimented with.

An example of a tool that helped towards making our site come across as more professional is after adding an image we clicked on the background on the left side of the Editor, went on Settings on the background- then image preview. We clicked the toggle next to ‘Parallax’ to enable. The effect this had was when you scroll down the image moves upward therefore giving the illusion that you are scrolling far away from it.

We decided to keep the purple colour theme consistent throughout the whole website because it creates predictable pleasure and follows the blueprint conducted for our brand as explained by Rick Altman. Below is a snippet of the tour page which you can see the purples, blacks and whites are all present.

Overall, I think that Wix has been very useful due to it being easy to comprehend and get used to, the only issue we came across was when we put the social media bar at the top right we didn’t realise that it was hanging off half the page, this made the site wider and looked unprofessional. However, to solve this we moved it more to the left and made sure it was defiantly on the page.

Flowchart and Preferred template

I have created this sitemap after researching other R&B artists’ websites to see what the typcal conventions and layout of the site is. We wanted to makes sure we have a structure for the making of it, so in result of this, we have agreed on what pages and details we will include; such as merchandise in the ‘Shop’ section.

Now that this task is completed we have clarity on what we need to do and what to add in, this map of the site also lets us know if we’ve missed a feature out, therefore are organised.

Website Previous Students Work

Click on the image above to view the previous student’s website.

I have chosen this previous student’s website for the ‘star’ Ama Lou because it displays professional qualities with a simplistic style. Looking at the users’ experience for the site, the navigation bar has been placed at the very top of the page, this is conventional for an artist for the bar to be as clearly seen as possible so that the user doesn’t get confused and not cause predictable pleasure- this may make them go off of the website. A feature that I think works excellently is how they have made the text red depending on what page you are on, this enables more clarity and gives off a very simple but clever effect.

The main area of focus on the home page is the button which is large and says ‘WATCH FULL VIDEO FOR TBC HERE’, this call to action has been made quite big to instantly draw their attention to it- to then click on it and gain their interest and another view for the video.  The image behind the call to action is very clear and professional-looking, the position of the star is very powerful due to her looking in the direction of the call to action. What effect this has is it draws the viewer’s attention to the button because it’s almost as if she’s looking at it and makes them interested to see what it is. Moreover, the star is breaking the fourth wall which makes her look enticing, and the audience feel like they are friendly with the star and have a personal connection.

The information I was able to find out about the star was mainly on the page labeled ‘BIO’ which would be short for biography. The design of the layout of this page is clever because they have kept the same background, but when you click on the tab for the page, a paragraph of writing drops in from the top and tells you the basic information about her. Apart from the BIO page there is no other personal information. The typeface used implies a girly attitude and looks pretty which matches the star’s look.  Although, something that I would point out is the font is quite small in comparison to the rest of the features on the page; and is placed in a bit of a strange place because it’s put exactly on her head.

The branding of the website and Digi Pack has been well planned due to the colour scheme. The colours throughout the website are mainly black and white, however, it has an accent of bright red which connotes ideas of seduction and beauty. The red is chosen because when you get to the ‘MUSIC’ page you can see the album which she is wearing bright red lipstick, a red jumper and the boarder of the front cover is matching. This is aesthetically pleasing for the target audience and makes them want to look more into the website. Looking at the music video, the star is wearing the red jumper seen in the Digi Pack which makes all three elements flow together and work well. What challenges this convention is in sections of the music video there are loads of different colours that project onto her, this could be seen as not sticking to the colour scheme, or I think that it contrasts with the black and white that you see all over the website.

Acknowledging the media theorists, Blumler and Katz, who discussed uses and gratifications, below I have applied to each to what extent this website has fulfilled them:

  • Information- There hasn’t been loads of personal information given on the website, however the basic necessities are there such as a short bio and tour dates; this is enough to fulfill the audiences needs. If they did want more, there are links to the star’s social media.
  • Personal Identity- The aesthetics of the website such as the use of simple colour with the accent of bright red make the indie pop genre prominent.
  • Social Interaction- There are links to the star’s social media, therefore the audience can interact, also, there is a contact page where they can send their details and their inquiry.
  • Entertainment- The visual elements of the website make the site a very entertaining place to be, also, the music video is on the home page as you scroll down, thus giving the audience entertainment.


Creative Critical Reflection 1

I have created a presentation on a website called ‘Prezi’, this allowed me to reflect of how I have used and/or challenged the conventions of the R&B genre for the brief. I have focused on particular areas such as  how the characters are represented through the use of micro  features, like camera angles and composition.


Web Page Conventions

Victoria and I have used the online technology ‘Screen Castify’ to explore another artist’s website called ‘ELLA MAI’. We looked closely at the user’s experience when using the site, the aesthetics &  graphics, and how her brand image has been presented.

In result of this, I feel a lot more confident to start the process of creating our website, and now I have an understanding of how the layout can be very important to whether the audience are visually pleased with their experience of the website, for example some sites may not have their navigation bar on show, this may make some audiences lost and confused and will not fill their predicted pleasure.

Website Terminology

I have used Google slides to display my research of one of the many singers that categorize within the same genre (R&B) as our star. I decided to choose a singer called ‘The Weeknd’ to depict the many different conventions a typical R&B artist would have on their website and their uses.